Hoelscher Empire (ヘルシャーていこく, Herushā Teikoku?) or simply known as the "Empire" was a relatively new country in Tortus that lay in the east of the Heiligh Kingdom, and sandwiched between them was the independent merchant republic, Fuhren.


The core of the capital had an organized layout with unadorned buildings lining the streets at regular intervals. As the city continued to grow, however, houses and buildings had cropped up haphazardly, leaving the outer fringes a disorganized maze. As a result, the streets were a jumbled mess. Numerous back alleys and side streets mixed together and connected with the main thoroughfares in unique and confusing ways. The entire city appeared like a sized-up version of Horaud with open-air stalls littered the streets.

The empire also held the largest arena in the continent, and tournaments of all kinds were held multiple times a year.


The Hoelscher Empire is a strength-based meritocracy, where its philosophy was to use any means at their disposal to further their own goal. That doctorate lead them to have a very profitable slave trade. The empire was very popular among adventurers and mercenaries because they could make a name for themselves with their strength and skills. As a result of this mindset, the Emperor's successor was determined through a right of combat.

Although the empire's citizens were not as devout followers of the Holy Church as some of the other nations, they shared its philosophy of beastmen being inferior to humans, and even went beyond that by frequently using them as slaves (which was frowned upon by the Holy Church).


The Hoelscher Empire was founded by a famous mercenary group that was instrumental to winning the last great war between the humans and demons three hundred years before the students of Earth were summoned to Tortus.

After the demons had acquired Ancient Magic, they attacked the empire, as well as the Heiligh Kingdom and Verbergen, with an army of monsters under their control. The attack devastated the empire and forced its people to take more drastic actions in order to restore the capital after the attack. They raided the Sea of Trees by burning much of it and captured many of the beastmen to be used as slave labor for their reconstruction efforts. They even captured members of the Haulia Tribe, including its leader Cam, but were rescued by Hajime Nagumo.

The Haulia retaliated against the empire by infiltrating the palace during the engagement party of Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh and Prince Baius D. Hoelscher. The Haulia killed many of the guests, as well as Prince Baius, until they managed to convince Emperor Gahard D. Hoelscher to end the practice of enslaving beastmen in the empire. They also forced him and his family to wear cursed necklaces that would kill them if he broke his vow or if they tried to remove them. This event became known as the “The Haulia Rebellion” and “The Crimson Ball”.

Known Locations

Notable People

Imperial Family


  • Grid Half (Imperial Guard’s Third Squad Captain; Deceased)


  • Nedil (Prison Guard) (Former)
  • Johan (Prison Guard)
  • Vesta (Noble; Deceased)
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