Hero Party was a group of "heroes" who were summoned to Tortus by Ehit to fight against Garland. However, they were pawns to Ehit's game of death. Originally they were training themselves to help save humanity from the demons. However, due to Hajime learning the truth about Ehit's true nature from the Liberators and relaying that information the Hero Party in the aftermath of the Demons attack and Eri and Hiyama's betrayals the war on Heiligh Kingdom, the Hero party renounced their loyalty to Ehit and swore to kill him to free Tortus from his influence by ally themselves with Hajime and his party. Their leader was Kouki Amanogawa.

Hajime Nagumo was once a part of the party until Daisuke secretly attacked him to fall into the abyss. While suffering, he mutated into a monster by eaten monsters' meat and absorb their powers. After his reunion with his former classmate and kill Cattleya, Hajime cut his ties within the party but letting Kaori Shirasaki (his lover who loves him during middle school) to join his party.

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After the war in Tortus and Eri and Hiyama's betrayal as well the death of Hiyama, The so-called "Heroes" and Hajime's Party formed an alliance (which is fragile due to Hajime and Kouki's dislike for each other) to unite themselves against a common enemy.

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  • Hajime Nagumo (Formerly, defected to pursue his own goals of returning to Earth)

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