The "Hero Party" (勇者ゆうしゃパーティー, Yūsha Pātī?) was a group of students from Earth who were summoned to Tortus by Ehit to aid humanity in its fight against the demons by training themselves for it. Hajime Nagumo was once a part of the "Hero Party" until Daisuke secretly attacked him to fall into the Abyss. While suffering, he mutated into a human/monster hybrid by eating the monsters meat and absorb their powers as a result of no longer being a human anymore. Due to Hajime learning the truth about Ehit's true nature from the Liberators that they are pawns to Ehit's game of death, he loses all faith in Ehit and decide to kill Ehit if he stands in his way. Hajime later decided to warn Aiko (when they reunited in Volume 3) about Ehit's real nature, because he believed that Kouki and the others would go against him later.

In Volume 4, after his reunion with his classmates and when he killed Cattleya, Hajime cut his ties within the "Hero Party" but letting Kaori Shirasaki (who has feelings for him since she first saw him at middle school) to join his party on her request.

In Volume 6, after Eri and Hiyama's betrayal, Hajime was relaying the information what he had learned about Ehit to the "Hero Party" after the truth was exposed by Aiko Hatayama and Liliana S. B. Heiligh.

In the aftermath of the Demon Invasion, they learned that while they are protecting humanity against Garland was just merely a setup by the manipulation of Ehit. This caused the "Hero party" to renounce their loyalty to Ehit and swore to kill him to free Tortus from his influence by forming an alliance with "Hajime's party" (which is fragile when Hajime and Kouki's dislike for each other due to Kouki's delusions) to unite themselves against a common enemy by clearing the remaining Labyrinths.

Due to their unsuccessful missions of failing to clear the Great Labyrinths from Kouki's empty idealism and delusional pride, the so-called "Hero Party" was considered to be the weakest Party.

After returning to Japan, the "Hero Party" is no more, because all of them joined the Returnees after they return to Earth.

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