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Helina (ヘリーナ, Herīna?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyō" series.

She is the personal maid of Princess Liliana. Later, she would eventually become the leader of the Fleur Knights.


Helina is a tall woman with moderately sized breasts ande has long dark brown hair with almond eyes.

She wears a Victorian style maid outfit with a scarf that was attached with a crimson jeweled brooch.


Helina is very loyal and supportive to her master and would stand by Liliana, and later Hajime, and would follow their orders without hesitation. She is also seen to be a very opportunistic person, as she tried promote Liliana to Hajime in order to improve the kingdom's influence, and by extension, improve her own well-being.


Main Story

After the Heiligh Kingdom was invaded by demons, Helina accompanied her master to the Hoelscher Empire to discuss the engagement between Princess Liliana and the Empire's Crowned Prince, Baius D. Hoelscher. While Helina and the other servants was helping Liliana prepare for the party, she along the other servants were forcibly dismissed by the prince as he wanted to be alone with the princess.

The next morning, Helina noticed how her master was lost in thoughts and suspected that it was due to Hajime. She then encouraged Lilana to go after him and make him reciprocate her feelings and gave Liliana an advice on how to get his attention. Helina then accompanied Liliana to Verbergen but was forcibly sent back to Heiligh Kingdom.

When the allied forces were preparing for war against Ehit, Helina approached Hajime and in an effort to pursuade him to accept Liliana as his woman in order to improve the kingdom's standing in Tortus.

"After Story"

After the defeat of Ehit, Helina was tasked by Hajime to compile a list of potential candidates to join Fleur Knights. Over the course of the next five years, they had been recruiting each of its members, and had them trained intensively by the Haulia Tribe.

When Liliana was targeted by various foreign government black ops units one Earth due to the rising influence of both her and her newly founded aid network, Helina (now known as "Heliotrope") was tasked to neutralize the enemies that were spying them near her master's mother's workplace and had Salvia assist Sumire and the others. After Heliotrope successfully subdued the enemies, she then ordered her subordinate Primula to escort the people from "Returnee Response Division" to them.

When Koutaro Fukube, the liaison for the Returnees, offered to temporarily relocate the Nagumo family to a government-owned safe house, Heliotrope requested to let the Fleur Knights eliminate the enemies which the Fleur Knights succeeded before abducting their leaders so that her master could discuss the situation with them. Heliotrope would later became Liliana's secretary for her aid network, while using the alias "Sandra Winchester".

Weapons & Equipment

  • Crimson Brooch - A broach with a red jewel embedded in it that is given to her by Hajime. It is imbued with various abilities.

Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Expert Combatant - Helina is well trained in combat as part of her duty as Liliana's maid.


  • Liliana S. B. Heiligh - Helina has been Liliani's personal maid since childhood. She cares greatly for her and does everything she can to support her (especially with regards to getting Hajime to fall for her).
  • Hajime Nagumo - After becoming a member of the Fleur Knights, Helina has been shown to treat Hajime as more of her master than Liliana.
  • Sumire Nagumo - Helina is a huge fan of Sumire's work and considers it to be a great honor to assist her.


  • (To Hajime Nagumo): "Liliana-sama truly loves you. On top of that, if she became the mistress of the man who will save Tortus, Heiligh would gain a tremendous amount of influence. My own position would become more important, and I would receive a massive raise! For all these reasons, and more, I need you two to hook up!"[1]


  • Helina's appearance in the Light Novel is not mentioned in the Web Novel main series.
  • The codename Helina uses after becoming a member of the Fleur Knights "Heliotrope" is the plural of the word "Heliotropium", which is a genus of plants in the Boraginaceae borage family.



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