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Heiligh Kingdom (Anime)

The Heiligh Kingdom (ハイリヒ おうこく, Hairihi Ōkoku?), or simply known as the "Kingdom", is one of most prominent nations in Tortus.


The Heiligh Kingdom spans throughout a vast amount of land. It's capital is beside the Divine Mountain, which houses the Holy Church's main cathedral.


Initially, The kingdom's primary religion revolved around Ehit and the Holy Church, The fact that the church's most sacred temple in the kingdom's backyard spoke volumes about how deep their connection ran. They even have a yearly festival to commemorate the day in which Ehit was supposedly born.[1] After the truth has revealed along with Eliheid's death, they no longer worships Ehit anymore.


The kingdom's military force was divided into a soldier division, knight division, and magician division. Furthermore, The knight division was separated into kingdom knights and imperial guard knights.


The Heiligh Kingdom was built where the Elbard Theocracy existed during the age of the Liberators.

According to legend, the kingdom was founded by one of Ehit's progeny, Sharm Barn (who was the son of the Liberator and former Templar Knights Commander Laus Barn). Of all the human kingdoms, it was apparently the one with the richest history.

Known Locations

Notable People

Royal Family


  • Helina (Maid)
  • Nia (Maid; Deceased)
  • Sagesse (Instructor)





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