Haulia Tribe (ハウリアぞく, Hauria Zoku?) are a group of rabbitmen that had been trained by Hajime. Originally they were like the rest of the members of their species and considered the weakest of the beastmen with a docile personality that couldn't even hurt a flower, but with Hajime's extreme training regimen, they endured and became vicious hardened super warriors.


The Haulia was the tribe Shea was originally a part of. Due to her being born with mana, Shea was considered cursed and was forced to be hidden away from the rest of the beastmen. Her existence was eventually discovered by the other beastmen and the whole tribe fled to the North, hoping to live in the mountains but ended up in Reisen Gorge instead, where they encountered soldiers from the Hoelscher Empire. After they were saved by Hajime, they went back to the Sea of Trees where they were once again saved by Hajime since he wanted to keep his promise to protect them until they guided him to the next labyrinth. However, since they had 10 days until they could reach the Labyrinth, Hajime trained them in order to defend themselves. His training was more effective than ever as it transformed them from a tribe of timid rabbitmen to bloodthirsty fighters that were utterly devoted to him. After Hajime reached the Grand Tree, he discovered that he could not enter the labyrinth until he acquired proof of having conquered 5 labyrinths and the ability to restore the Grand Tree. Hajime left the Haulia Tribe until he could reach the labyrinth.

The Haulia managed to recruit more rabbitmen from neighboring tribes into their fold until they had over 120 members that were capable of fighting. When the demons invaded Verbergen, the Haulia Tribe managed to destroy their forces after many other beastmen were killed. The Hoelscher Empire arrived soon after to capture any surviving beastmen and use them as slaves. The Haulia began many scouting missions and killed the slave convoys that were headed to and from the empire. Cam led a team of rabbitmen to infiltrate the empire's capital, but they were captured and subsequently tortured. They were eventually rescued by Hajime after using spatial magic to break in and liberate them. The Haulia retaliated against the empire by infiltrating the palace during the engagement party of Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh and Prince Baius D. Hoelscher. The Haulia killed many of the guests, including Prince Baius, until they managed to convince Emperor Gahard D. Hoelscher to end the practice of enslaving beastmen in the empire. They also forced him and his family to wear cursed necklaces that would kill them if he broke his vow or if they tried to remove them.

After all of the enslaved beastmen returned to Verbergen, Chief Elder Ulfric Heipyst decided to recognize the Haulia Tribe as having equal status to Verbergen and were entitled to the land that surrounded the Grand Tree Uralt, as well as granting Cam a seat on the council.

Known Members

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