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Family[edit | edit source]

Shuu Nagumo & Sumire Nagumo[edit | edit source]

As their only son, Shuu and Sumire held immense love for Hajime which he also reciprocated, having inherited their Otaku passion and interests, earnestly assisted them in their work. When Hajime suffered from bullying, Shuu and Sumire allowed Hajime to make his own choice if he wished to transfer to another school to avoid bullying or stay on.

Hajime would frequently discuss with his parents about their otaku interest including what would happen if he were to be summoned to another world which ironically came true when Hajime was summoned by Ehit to Tortus. When Hajime fell into the depths of the Great Orcus Labyrinth and lost his left arm and later his right eye, it was ultimately his desire to reunite with his parents again that gave him the resolve and willpower to fight and conquered the dangers of the Great Orcus Labyrinth, doing everything in his abilities to become strong enough to survive and getting back home, doing so with immense conviction, even if it means becoming a genocidal mass murderer or even a god slaying destroyer. As Shizuku had correctly predicted in Volume 8, Hajime actually slayed Ehit while in his journey to return home back to his parents

Yue[edit | edit source]

The vampire Princess, Aletia became Hajime's most important person after he fell into the bottom of the Abyss. At first, when Hajime discovered her inside the 50th floor of the Great Orcus Labyrinth, he was willing to leave her behind out of the cautious belief that she was sealed there because she was dangerous. However, after she begged him to help her by saying she was betrayed just like him, he changed his mind, freed her and renamed her "Yue" at her own request as she didn't want her old name anymore. As the two traveled in the Abyss and fought together to conquer the Great Orcus Labyrinth in order to escape, they quickly grew close due to their similar backgrounds and circumstances. Whenever there is danger, Hajime and Yue always prioritize each other's safety. In battle, they move with perfect synchronicity and are able to anticipate each others moves and the two have a deep understanding of each other as they are able to discern each other's thoughts. Even in public, they tend to go into their own "pink world" and ignore everything in their surroundings.

Even though Hajime is surrounded by women who want to be his lovers and Yue herself wants him to be intimate with her, he has never wavered in loving her. His reasoning being that because he is a man who would never cheat on the woman he loves and wants to be monopolized by Yue since, if the situation was reversed, he would never want Yue to be with anyone but him as for Yue wants the same thing. If anyone saying Yue's name without honorifics, Hajime make them suffer as they have no rights to say Yue's name due to being the one who gave Yue her name. This was shown when he brutalized Kouki for doing that. 

In Volume 10, after clearing the Labyrinths, Yue was captured by Eri and was temporarily possessed by Ehit. This caused Hajime to be engulfed with tremendous rage as he killed his way to reach to Yue.

After Ehit's death, Hajime holds hands with Yue to use ancient magic and creates a Crystal Key which enables him to open a doorway back to Japan. It is Hajime's wish to bring Yue and the other girls back to his world and they want the same.

Kaori Shirasaki[edit | edit source]

Hajime has always seen Kaori as a friend, although her attention for him only brought Hajime nothing but trouble. When Hajime fell in to the abyss and began his journey afterwards he decided that he wants nothing to do with his former classmates after his transformation.

In Volume 4, when he reunited with Kousuke Endou and heard from him that Kaori was in trouble, he went in the Great Orcus Labyrinth to save her to pay off her kindness. While Hajime said that he would not respond to her feelings because he was in love with Yue, she refused to give up winning him over. After that she decided to travel with Hajime to earning his affection despite his completely different personality. In Volume 5, while on the journey, Hajime has offered Kaori to return her to Shizuku when she was saddened by her weakness compared to other members of Hajime, but she refused and always wanted to stay by his side. As shown, Kaori is important to Hajime when he saved her from the influence of an evil spirit. Due to her love for Hajime, Kaori always believed everything when Hajime told her that she easily accepted of Ehit's true nature as an Evil God who used her and Hajime as pawns in "The Chessboard of Life".

Later after Kaori was temporarily killed by Hiyama, he became enraged and unleashed his true power by destroying Eri's undead soldiers and slaughtering Hiyama, while at the same time he was determined to revive her using spirit magic as he promised her to put her soul in a stronger body at Kaori's request because she did not want to remain weak anymore. Kaori is the only one of his wives that shares Hajime's otaku hobbies.

Shea Haulia[edit | edit source]

During their first meeting, Hajime's impression of Shea was negative due to her excessively clingy attitude that he wouldn't hesitate to strike her for out of annoyance. Hajime wouldn't allow Shea to travel with him until she became strong so she trained with Yue so that one day she could stand next to them in battle.

As time passed Hajime and Yue began to see Shea as part of their family, but to Shea's and shockingly Yue's great disappointment, Hajime could not see Shea in a romantic light. However, that began to change in Volume 7, during their return to the Haltina forest, where her concern for her father(who had gone missing) damped her smile so much that Hajime decided to alter his plans to save Cam and the others first before he goes to the Haltina Labyrinth. At the Haltina Labyrinth, Hajime eventually realized that Shea is just as important and irreplaceable to him as Yue and has begun to show his previously hidden feelings for her and subsequently confessed to her at the end of Volume 8. Without realizing it the two have created their own "pink world" while they are alone. While Hajime has come to respect Shea for how far she's come, he sometimes miss the old useless Shea, feeling nostalgic when he does.

Tio Klarus[edit | edit source]

At their first met in Volume 3, Hajime and Tio were unwilling enemies in battle due to her being manipulated by Yukitoshi Shimizu's dark magic while on a quest from the adventurer's guild. Even when she was snapped out of the mind control after being defeated by Hajime and explaining the circumstances behind her attack, Hajime was still willing to kill her out of the annoyance of her attack on him which Shea compared to her own first meeting with him. His attempt on her life while ignoring her circumstances and pleas shocked and terrified her until Yue convinced him to spare her. After this first encounter which involved arguably "tainting" her, Hajime has been followed by the masochistic and incredibly perverted Dragonmen who refers to him as her "master". Hajime constantly finds himself punishing her for her various misdeeds during their travels which makes Tio incredibly happy much to his dismay and disgusts everyone else.

While in his unofficial date with Shea, Hajime doesn't think Tio as a bad person but still a pervert.

In Volume 4, Hajime trusted Tio enough to be Myu's guardian when he, Yue and Shea go to the Great Orcus Labyrinth to save his former classmates.

In Volume 5, during their fight against Freid Bagwa, Tio admitted her true love for Hajime before escaping per his orders. Since then, Hajime has become "slightly" more tolerant of her and sees Tio as a member of their group. He also has great respect for her wise decisions and being able to remain calm in situations that even Yue couldn't hold her composure.

This in addition to her always doing her best to get along with everyone and her superb insight, Hajime was forced to admit to himself that if it wasn't for her perverseness, she could be the perfect woman for him. However even when Tio was transformed into Super Tio, the graceful princess of Dragonmen who was acting wise, Hajime himself said that he liked the perverted Tio and changed her back to her normal self by insulting her.

While initially Tio joined Hajime's Party with the intention of using him to fight Ehit that destroyed her country out of revenge, this was known by Hajime which is why he had her and Aiko aid him during his battle against Noint by defeating the Holy Church members, who were interfering, thus helping her achieve her revenge.

Hajime later confesses that he loves her when her grandfather and the rest of the Dragonmen Tribe decided to help him to wage war on Ehit. While Hajime's treatment and feelings have improved, he still doesn't hesitate to punish Tio like before, both out of affection and annoyance.

Shizuku Yaegashi[edit | edit source]

Hajime cannot handle Shizuku for she knows his secrets such as middle school chuni habits. Despite this, Hajime regarded Shizuku as the most reliable of all his classmates. Hajime always had a positive opinion of Shizuku because she always helped him out before they were summoned to Tortus and didn't cause him any trouble, unlike Kaori.

Shizuku sympathized with Hajime's plight as the target of bullying by Hiyama and his gang as a result of Kaori's infatuation with him due to her similar circumstances in the past as Kouki's childhood friend. Even after his transformation, he still spoke with her more nicely compared to the rest of his classmates. The way he got along with Shizuku caused Yue to see her as the "the last boss", who she and Kaori might have to go against for Hajime's feelings. He was also willing to help her out on many occasions, including giving her one of his masterpieces, a new enchanted Black Blade Katana that works better for her fighting style and consoling her after Kaori's death. After reviving Kaori, Shizuku owed Hajime a great debt for saving her best friend.

After conquering the trials in the true Haltina Labyrinth, Shizuku couldn't stop thinking about Hajime due to her own preferences for men that she can rely on, in addition to her living an illusion where Hajime is her prince.

In Volume 9, after Hajime saved Shizuku from being killed by her Frost Caverns of Schnee doppelganger and also gave her encouragement to accept her negative feelings that allow her to defeat her doppelganger, it cemented Shizuku's resolve to pursue her love for Hajime. Happily accepting a hand-crafted hair clip type restoration Magic Artifact from Hajime as his second present to her, Shizuku peacefully slept on Hajime's back as he carried her to find the others.

In Volume 10, after Hajime stopped a corrupted Kouki's rampage without killing him, with gratitude and love, Shizuku affectionately kissed Hajime on the cheek, confessing her love for him, and she will do anything to become his lover which Hajime silently accepted and did not reject compared to the time he received Kaori's love confession, given how he has already decided to practise polygamy with the other women of his harem.

After she returned to Japan, Shizuku became one of Hajime's wives. Unfortunately, her so-called "fans" of the "Soul Sisters" (who are actually her annoyances) failed to try to break her relationship with Hajime and the students of her family's dojo failed at attacking Hajime only for both these groups to be easily defeated and completely humiliated by Hajime which after they caused misfortune to Shizuku.

Aiko Hatayama[edit | edit source]

His homeroom teacher who was transported to Tortus along with her students. At first, she thinks of him as one of the students that she cares for. She feels very responsible for his apparent death and does whatever she can to protect her students, even using herself as a bargaining chip.

In Volume 3, when it was revealed that he was still alive, Aiko was relieved that he had survived but was dismayed by his completely changed personality.

Later at he end of Volume 3, when Hajime had killed Shimizu, knowing that he had done it for her sake, she becomes conscious of him as a member of the opposite sex. In Volume 6, Aiko comes to accept that she loves him after he saved her from Noint and he comforts her after she and Tio destroyed the Holy Church and killed all the people inside, although she's still troubled with the fact that she is older and his teacher.

However, Hajime later pointed out both of her problems are meaningless as he will stop being her student after he graduates high school and their age different is pretty pointless considering how much older Yue and Tio are in comparison.

Liliana S. B. Heiligh[edit | edit source]

Main story[edit | edit source]

The Crown Princess of the Heiligh Kingdom. She is one of the few people in Heiligh Kingdom who did not look down on Hajime due to his lack of combat skills and treated him kindly compared to everyone else in Heiligh Kingdom, who dismissed him as worthless.

In Volume 4, when she heard from Shizuku that Hajime had survived and Kaori decided to travel with him, she tried to dissuade her father, the nobles, and the Holy Church from declaring Hajime a heretic so that both he and Kaori could have a place to return to, but to no avail. After her father and nobles started behaving oddly, she decided to leave the Heiligh Kingdom in secret to go searching for Kaori and Hajime to get help as they were the only people left she could trust.

In Volume 6, when she learned that Hajime didn't care about the people of Tortus anymore, she was able to convince him to come back to the Heiligh Kingdom with her to save Aiko. At the Heiligh Kingdom, Hajime was able to defeat Noint and fighting the Demon army who were invading the Kingdom. Liliana is very grateful to Hajime for saving the Heiligh Kingdom and wanted him to stay as a deterrent against future Demon attacks, which he refused but he compromised by repairing the capital's barrier much to her delight.

After she managed to convince Hajime to drop her off in the Hoelscher Empire, she later grew angry and exasperated with Hajime due to him causing her trouble during her diplomatic trip. After Hajime's arachnea golem stopped Prince Baius attempt to rape her, Liliana became smitten with Hajime due to him rescuing her in her time of need. During the engagement ball, she asked Hajime if he could save her, and Hajime agreed due to her being one of Kaori's precious friends, causing Liliana to fall in love with him. After the “The Haulia Rebellion”, Liliana would attempt to get closer to Hajime but he would usually ignore her, causing her to become tearful.

the After Story[edit | edit source]

It is revealed that Liliana finally succeeded in getting Hajime to fall in love with her. When Hajime returns to Tortus, he takes Liliana back with him to Earth with the blessing from her subjects, as they had originally believed she had eloped with Hajime and their desire to see the Princess who they care for happy. She is very happy when he flirts with her and spoils her, blushing when it seems apparent that the two of them would become physically intimate. Hajime is the first to notice Liliana's workaholic habits and tries to help her get rid of them.

Remia[edit | edit source]

Remia is one of Hajime's wives. She sees Hajime as a savior and a father figure for Myu that led her to pretend to be in love with Hajime in consideration of her daugher's feelings before falling in love with him for real as time progress. She even addresses him as "darling" several times when talking to him and enjoy acting as his wife while they are together but became his real wife after he brought her and Myu to Japan.

Myu[edit | edit source]

In Fuhren, Hajime and Shea saved her when she was escaped from her prison cell inside the sewers who were controlled by Freidhof at the time. Myu immediately bonded with them and began to call them "Onii-chan" and "Onee-chan". They brought her to Fuhren's guards in the hopes that they could return her home safety much to her dismay. But their building was soon attacked by other members of Freidhof and managed to capture Myu again. They left a message that demanded that Hajime and Shea meet them if they wish to see Myu alive. Because of this, Hajime's Party attacked all Freidhof's locations and destroyed all of their hideouts in Fuhren to put an end to slave trades forever. After Hajime's Party saved her again, she began calling him "Papa" much to Hajime's chagrin. Altought initially disliking be called ´Papa´,Hajime quickly abecame a loveing,caring and overprotectve father for Myu and insists that all those who abuse her,suffer for her isolence. After returning Myu to Remia, who started referring to Hajime as her husband, Hajime decided to take them with him once he returns to his world which both Remia and Myu happily agreed to.

Cam Haulia[edit | edit source]

The relationship between the two is complicated to say the least. Hajime respects him as a father in law but has trouble with his chuuni actions and the fact that Cam sees him as his superior officer.

Lundel S. B. Heiligh[edit | edit source]

Liliana's younger brother and the Crown Prince of Heiligh Kingdom. Lundel hates Hajime for "stealing" Kaori from him and seducing his sister who he respects. He always challenges Hajime to a fight only to be hit by Hajime with a sugar cube while Hajime himself finds Lundel's attempts humorous and interesting.

Luluaria S. B. Heiligh[edit | edit source]

Liliana's mother and Heiligh Kingdom's Queen. She is grateful to Hajime who saved her Kingdom and the world of Tortus from Ehit. When Liliana returned from the Empire and complained about Hajime, Luluaria got into high spirits unbecoming for her age. She is happy that Liliana found love since she feels guilty about how much Liliana has done for the Kingdom including offering herself to marry Prince Baius D. Hoelscher for the sake of having the Empire help the Kingdom despite her own misgivings about him and her maidenly desire to find love. However, she is worried about her daughter's habit of working too hard for the sake of the Kingdom and how she would not be able to build a good marriage life. She is one of the few people that Hajime talks with respectfully.

Adul Klarus[edit | edit source]

Tio's grandfather and the leader of the Dragonmen Tribe. Hajime meet him before the final battle against Ehit. Hajime treated him respectfully and apologized for turning Tio into a pervert, resolving to receive a punch from him before the final battle begun. While shocked by his granddaughter's transformation, Adul accepted it.

He asked Hajime if he truly loved Tio, as Adul wouldn't allow Tio to risk her own life by going into the Holy Precincts with unclear feelings. Hajime answers that while he is in love with Yue, he also loves Tio. Satisfied with his answer, Adul asks that Hajime take care of Tio, to which Hajime promises to take care of her until the end of his life.

Adul is grateful to Hajime that Tio has found her happiness. During the final battle, he witnesses and compliments Hajime's power while expressing amazement at Hajime's Artifacts that strengthened him. Adul is one of the few people Hajime treats respectfully and is the person he respects most among the adults that he knows, so much so that Hajime's own father became jealous of their interaction.

Whenever Adul witnesses Tio's happiness or gets complemented by Hajime and Myu, he loses his imposing dignified aura, instead transforming into a good-natured old man.  

Tomoichi Shirasaki[edit | edit source]

Kaori's father. Hajime's relationship with Tomoichi can best be described as complicated due to Tomochi's doting towards his daughter. Most of the time, Tomoichi is hostile towards Hajime because he's dating Kaori, while also having a harem. Hajime understands Tomoichi's feelings on this well enough to admit he would feel the same way if something similar happened to his own daughter Myu.

At the same time, Tomoichi is grateful to Hajime for protecting his daughter and bringing her home, something he's willing to admit. There are also times where Tomoichi can sympathize with Hajime when it comes to being a father and is willing to lend his experience to him, such as when it comes to dealing with an angry daughter or being confined by their respected wives (Kaori and Kaoruko). Other times, Tomoichi is usually amazed or disturbed by Hajime's artifacts.

Kaoruko Shirasaki[edit | edit source]

Kaori's mother. She is more openly supportive of Kaori's relationship with Hajime than her husband.

Yaegashi Family[edit | edit source]

Hajime has a complex relationship with the Yaegashi family. While they are grateful to Hajime for protecting Shizuku and allowing her to be more honest with herself by being more girly, they also repeatedly attack Hajime everytime when he visits Shizuku's Dojo and due to him having a harem while proclaiming himself as Shizuku's lover. Nevertheless, Hajime bears no ill will towards them and gets along with them although he sympathizes with Shizuku when her family's secret ninja habits become a bother to deal with. They also have a lot of interest in Hajime's Artifacts and have made some request for him, such as him building him a secret underground space for him or selling him a Neuralyzer New.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Ehit[edit | edit source]

Ehit was the God of Tortus that summoned Hajime and his classmates to serve as pawns in his game for his own amusement. At first, Hajime had an instinctive fear of Ehit when he saw his portrait in the Holy Church. Hajime later learns of Ehit's true Evil nature through the projection of Oscar Orcus and how he manipulated the world in order to stop the Liberators uprising against him as well as his continuous manipulation of all living beings of Tortus. Learning this, Hajime abandoned all of his respects for Ehit as he swear that he will kill him if he get in his way.

Despite his newfound hatred for Ehit, Hajime at first had no intention of carrying out the Liberators' mission of destroying Ehit, preferring to focus on obtaining Ancient Magic for the sake of returning to Earth with his companions. Due to being the only one alongside Yue to have learned of Ehit's true nature in the Great Orcus Labyrinth, Hajime had come under Ehit's notice as Hajime had refused to obey Ehit's creed as one of his so called chosen heroes by rejoining his classmates and to aid the Holy Church in the war against Demons.

Having foreseen Ehit's schemes through the Liberators past defeat, Hajime had tried to warn Aiko about Ehit's true nature in order to prevent his classmates under Kouki's delusional pride and leadership to come after him under the Ehit's manipulation as well as the fact Hajime had prevented tragedies stemming from Ehit's instigation of the Demons such as saving the Lake Town of Ur as well as the Dukedom of Ankaji. Seeing his new change, Ehit fears Hajime more than the Liberators and considers him "Irregular" and wishes to remove him from the game board as he has become too powerful and disruptive to his plans as his greatest pawns: the Holy Church, the Heiligh Kingdom and his other chosen Heroes including Kouki himself could do nothing against Hajime, thus sending his Apostle Noint to assassinate him. However when Hajime killed Noint and used her corpse to revive Kaori as an insult to the God, Ehit is shown in both fear and rage.

With the help of his teacher Aiko and princess Liliana of managing to reveal the truth, Hajime has successfully made the Human worshippers who were once devoted to Ehit, turning against him after learned they were being used as playthings.

When Tio revealed to Hajime that Ehit was responsible of her parents and people's deaths, Hajime decided to fulfill Tio's wish to kill Ehit.

However when Ehit's pawns notice that Yue (Ehit's long lost desired host was Hajime's companion) he changed his plans and focused on securing Yue as his host body. Knowing that Hajime and Yue are powerful enough to clear the remaining Labyrinths, Ehit decided to wait until Yue managed to acquire all of the Ancient Magic to possess her as he sent all his Apostles to aid Freid in capturing all of Hajime's classmates as well as Myu and Remia so they would serve as hostages until Hajime foiled it. Hajime then fought Ehit while in control over Yue's body until she broke free from his control and allowed him to kill Ehit to put an end to his game forever. During their battle, it also became even more insulting for Ehit when he realized that while Hajime was aiming to kill him, it was not to save Tortus from his manipulations like the Liberators and Kouki wanted to, but simply because Ehit was just another enemy for him to kill for standing in his way and to avenge Tio's people.

Freid Bagwa[edit | edit source]

Hajime is the sworn enemy of the Grand Commander of the Demon army in Garland as well as a Ancient Magic user.

Freid became aware of Hajime's existence when Hajime foiled the Demon Invasion of Ur and the ambush of the "Hero Party" in the Great Orcus Labyrinth, in which his subordinate Cattleya lost her life. Seeing that Hajime kept interfering in his plans, Freid went to the Grand Gruen Volcano to obtain it's Ancient Magic in order to become stronger for his confrontation with Hajime. In Volume 5, Freid managed to ambush Hajime at the Grand Gruen Volcano, but was unable to defeat him as Hajime, despite his injuries managed to fight back against Freid, injuring him in turn thus forcing him to retreat.

In Volume 6, Freid faced Hajime again during the Demon Invasion of the Heiligh Kingdom, as he tried to ambush Hajime and trying to take his classmates hostage, mistakenly believing that Hajime was fighting for the Kingdom and that he thought that he could make Hajime surrender by using his classmates as hostages to force Hajime to give him the locations of the Labyrinths. Hajime scoffed at him, as he wiped out 100,000 of Freid's monster army with his Hyperion satellite laser weapon before calling Freid a fool and refused to give him the locations of the Labyrinths for his ignorance as well threatening to kill him and destroy the rest of his army unless he retreated. Though furious, Freid did not want to waste his comrades lives though he swore in the name of his God that he would kill Hajime the next time they meet as he retreats.

Noint[edit | edit source]

Hajime was Noint's would-be assassination target, killer and reviver.

When Ehit sent Noint, his top Apostle to assassinate him, Hajime wasn't impressed with her. He mocked Noint during their fight as being more than she can handle. Hajime ultimately killed Noint after a long battle and later used her corpse as a vessel to revive Kaori with spirit magic, after she was killed by Daisuke to both save her and to insult the Evil God Ehit. After returning Kaori back into her original body, Hajime kept Noint's body to any case if Kaori dies, he will revive her with Noint's body over and over again.

After Hajime revived Kaori with Noint's body, the former apostle transferred her spirit to one of Hajime's spider golems along with Hearst and renamed herself Netemp. Eventually she decided to become a loyal subordinate to him.

Hearst[edit | edit source]

One of the Apostles present during the decisive battle. After getting killed by Shea, she joined Noint in one of Hajime's spider golems and renamed herself Etemp.

Alva[edit | edit source]

Hajime is the killer of the so-called "God" of the Demon race. Alva was the Demon Lord of Garland possessing the body of Yue's deceased uncle Dienleed Galdea Vesperitio Avatarl.

When confronting him after Alva failed to try to capture Remia and Myu to use them as hostages, Hajime trapped Alva into a small cage using concept magic and tortured him to give him the location for Yue. When the severely injured Alva begged Hajime to spare him, saying that he will be a completely loyal servant or guide to lead him to Yue, only for Hajime to ruthlessly kill him by shrinking the cage and Alva to non-existence.

Daisuke Hiyama[edit | edit source]

Hajime's former bully from the past, but now his direct killed victim. Before being summoned to Tortus and falling into the Abyss, Daisuke and his gang bullied Hajime for preventing Kaori Shirasaki to fall in love with him. Daisuke secretly betrayed his classmates by his attempted murder on Hajime.

After Hajime survived and became a ruthless murderer, Daisuke became terrified of him because of his monstrous strength when he massacred many Monsters and Cattleya with ease. When Hajime gave a warning to Kouki that even they were former classmates, he will murder anyone who gets in his way, and when he easily defeated Kouki in an unarmed duel, Daisuke is shown in fear that he is now no match for Hajime.

When Hajime's Party prepare to leave while Kaori joining him, Daisuke attempted to feign his apology to him and tries to "convince" Hajime to forget what he have done to him and his mistreatment he gave him in the past in order for Hajime to rejoin the Hero Party (just so he could get close to Kaori). But for Hajime, he doesn't care about his previously mistreatment as it doesn't hold any means to him anymore and refused to return to the Party by calling Daisuke worthless and weak as he see madness in Hiyama's eyes as well as he subtlety exposed hints of Daisuke's attack that caused him to fall into the Abyss. He even warned Hiyama to stay out of his way if he wishes to live, causing Hiyama to become terrified of Hajime.

In Volume 6, when Daisuke was revealed to be a traitor alongside Eri and when he temporarily murdered Kaori, this enraged Hajime so much that he fought Daisuke and overpowered him with ease. While Hajime gripped Hiyama's neck, he tormented and beating up his former bully as he called Daisuke a weak selfish loser. Hiyama's downfall was that he blamed Hajime for getting attention from Kaori, and he insolently bragged his final words of how he persistently will kill Hajime and make Kaori his girlfriend one day which was nothing more than an empty threat. When Hajime heard that, he has brutalized Hiyama even further and he put the nearly broken boned and organ damaged Daisuke out of his misery by kicking him out to the courtyard filled with a horde of upcoming Demons and watched pitilessly when the Demons devouring Hiyama and tearing him apart. With this, Hajime got his vengeance for Daisuke's betrayal after what he did to Hajime and Kaori.

After murdering Hiyama, he made this murder a lesson to his other classmates of what would happen if any of them dares to cross him and break his absolute warning by harming one of his companions. This caused his former classmates and former bullies who were now terrified of his ruthlessness and demonic strength such as Shinji Nakano and Yoshiki Saitou, to repent in front of Hajime and swear to never get in his way but finds them still annoying. Hajime also scolded Kouki for his naive expectations that his classmates are naturally obligated to help and protect each other just because they are classmates only to allow Hiyama and the intelligent Eri to betray him without him ever noticing it. Every single one of Hajime's former classmates held bitter memories of hating Hiyama for his arrogance and treachery from both in school and Tortus. Kouki was the only one who condemned Hajime for Hiyama's death.

After Ehit's death and returning back to Japan, Hiyama's family tried to get revenge on Hajime only for him to easily defeat them. Though this was because they were unaware of Hiyama's betrayal and his temporary murder of Kaori. They have also suffered an extreme breakdown after learning this.

Eri Nakamura[edit | edit source]

One of Hajime's classmates who was also a traitor working for Garland as a spy.

It is unknown of how Eri personally felt for him, but was willing to kill him and the rest of their classmates due to them being her way to make Kouki hers. Like Hiyama, Eri is also terrified of not only Hajime's survival but his monstrous strength and murderous intent when he killed Cattleya with ease. Upon his arrival during the Demon Invasion, Hajime prevented Eri's "Blind Soul" from turning Kaori into Daisuke Hiyama's undead slave. When the enraged Hajime marched toward Eri following Kaori's temporarily death, Eri showed her fear of Hajime as she begged her former classmate to spare her life in exchange for making Kaori his undead slave, though is only made Hajime expressed an even greater rage as he has no need for Eri to do that, because he had already acquired Spirit Magic and was willing to kill her despite her betraying Hiyama. Eri sent her undead soldiers to attack Hajime only for them to be easily destroyed by him. She then tried to attack him with daggers only for him to easily overpower her and tormented her worse than what her mother and stepfather did with her in the past. She feared the worse when Hajime was prepared to kill her, while disregarding whatever reasons and motives she had for her betrayal but was prevented by Hiyama's interference when he attacked Hajime with a fireball despite Eri has already betrayed Hiyama. After Hiyama's death, she got away with Fried when he retreated. In Garland, she suggests that Remia and Myu will be good hostages against Hajime. Later when Eri captured Yue and presented her body to Ehit, Hajime has shown to be enraged as he will kill Eri for taking Yue away from him since she dashed away her only chance for redemption. Though he seems no longer needed to do that when Eri died by committing suicide in an attempt to kill Suzu in the final battle.

Soul Sisters[edit | edit source]

Hajime is the "Soul Sisters'" sworn enemy and bully as well as the annoyance of his wife, Shizuku.

For the failed attempted to force Hajime to break up with Shizuku and their constant harassment of him, Hajime easily repelled and bullied the Soul Sisters by grabbing one of them by the neck to force her to drink his laxative before tying up her ponytail hair even using a permanent marker on her face to humiliate her and entire "Soul Sisters" at the wedding photo shoot as a warning if they challenged him again. After gotten humiliated by him, everyone were laughing at them at school much of their embarrassments.

MOTHER (A.I.)[edit | edit source]

The A.I. and self-proclaimed goddess who fought against Hajime and Kouki in the Factory World. It was thanks to him that Mother gets agitated pretty easily despite normally being calm and composed. After being defeated by him and his overwhelming army of Grim Reapers and so on, she was terminated by G10.

Crystabel & his manly women squad[edit | edit source]

Just like with the rest of his enemies, Hajime sees them as more of annoying people and if it weren't for Yue and the rest of his party, he would have "massacred" them already. Crystabel and the group do not have any ill-intentions against him, which makes it harder for Hajime to kill them.

In the After Story in the Fairy World, he, Kouki, and Kousuke met Blau Niebel, the priestess of the Heaven Tree. Although she is not part of the squad, her appearance and gestures were all too similar to Crystabel, except that she had fairy wings. At first, Hajime and the others almost fell into despair, thinking that all the fairies would look like her, until the goddess reassured them that its only Blau and her clan are like that. Still, that didn't stop Hajime from almost losing his sanity from simply seeing her presence. After hearing that Blau would act as the goddess' retainer, Hajime pleaded that by doing so it would cause the world to run rampant with manly women (in his eyes, Blau would become the goddess of manly women, which is more than a nightmare for him).

Close Associates[edit | edit source]

Hajime's Party[edit | edit source]

Hajime is the leader of his own Party which initially only consisted of himself and Yue after they escaped the Abyss and were later joined by Shea, Tio and Kaori. He cares very deeply for his comrades but was insistent at first because he only loved Yue in a romantic way but that changed when Shea managed to get Hajime to acknowledge and accept her love for him too which lead him to accept Tio and Kaori's love as well. Since all the members in his Party are beautiful women, Hajime often has to chase away and fend off men who wish to seduce them, sometimes even threatening them and using violence to keep them away from his comrades.

Due to his protective nature, Hajime has fierce determination to protect his comrades and does whatever he can to keep them happy and satisfied as was demonstrated when he protected Shea Haulia's Tribe and help them take down the Hoelscher Empire when they tried to capture the Haulia or when he promised to fight Ehit on Tio and her tribe's behalf. However if one of them is harmed, Hajime shows his wrath by killing those who harmed them just like he killed Hiyama for temporarily murdered Kaori. Hajime willing to do anything to revive one of his comrades with spirit magic and transferred their soul within Noint's body as he revived Kaori for the sake of her best friend, Shizuku (who indebted Hajime and later also fell in love with him). Hajime wins many of their hearts and became popular with beautiful women even more than Kouki.

On the other hand, his female companions are absolutely loyal to Hajime due their love for him and support his desire to return home to Japan even if it means leaving their own home in Tortus and people they care for. They often competing against each other in order to seduce Hajime and want to further their relationships with him. Due to their absolute love for him, they always ignored other men attempted to hit on or seduce them, frequently becoming annoyed and disgusted when they approach (such as Kouki).  

In the After Story, Hajime married all his female comrades and became Myu's father as he builds a stable family life with them and deepens his love for them.

Yuka Sonobe[edit | edit source]

Yuka is one of Hajime's classmates who was transported to Tortus. Yuka is grateful to Hajime for saving her life in the Great Orcus Labyrinth from the Traum Soldiers and wishes to pay him back. She is shown to have a crush on him as time passes. The two of them get along to the point that most of the other students in her class call her his 'mistress' (though they both deny any romantic involvement between each other). Hajime has admitted he trusts Yuka and feels comfortable talking to her about his problems.

Helina[edit | edit source]

Princess Liliana's personal maid. She now serves Hajime as the leader of the Fleur Knights combat maid group. Helina is shown to treat Hajime as more of her master than even Liliana as she enjoys serving him and the two of them have a proper relationship of master and servant. Hajime is shown to prioritize Helina's instructions rather then Liliana's wishes, which annoys Liliana as her husband is listening to her maid despite Liliana's status as a princess. Helina was responsible for helping Hajime to create the Fleur Knights by scouting out various members for the group. Hajime appointed her as the maid leader of the Fleur Knights.

Kousuke Endou[edit | edit source]

He is one of Hajime's closest friends and he is considered as the 'Right-Hand of the Demon King'. Though Kousuke didn't used to have much interaction with him before the 'Summoning Incident', he was still affected by Hajime's supposed death in Great Orcus Labyrinth. But after learning that he was still alive, and learned about his journey and how he was able to overcame all the odds, Kousuke started to have respect towards him, especially after Hajime helped him rescue his friends who were ambushed in the Great Orcus Labyrinth.

Later in the After Story, when Kousuke was entranced by Lana, he went on to ask her out repeatedly. After countless attempts, Lana gave him the condition of clearing a Great Labyrinth and landing one hit on their boss, a.k.a. Hajime, before she would consider going out with him. Kousuke managed to achieve both of them, and Hajime has since then respect for him. After the students return back to Japan, Kousuke becomes the only member of the Returnee's group who stays active and does various tasks for and with Hajime in order to protect and manage the safety of everyone close to them. Because of Lana's nature of wanting to gather 7 wives for Kousuke, and the fact that the "Abyss Lord" powers of Kousuke turned him into a chūni, Hajime started to have a really close relationship with Kousuke and even considering him as a 'bosom friend'. Hajime also starts to egg Lana on her quest for a harem for Kousuke. This has resulted in many complicated situations for Kousuke, as a result.

Meld Loggins[edit | edit source]

The former Knight Commander of the Heiligh Kingdom that was entrusted with the responsibility for overseeing the training of the summoned Heroes from the other world. While Hajime wasn't as close to Meld as the frontliners of his class, he always respected the captain, even after his transformation. This make Meld one of the few adults in Tortus who Hajime truly respected and still speaks highly of him to this day. In Volume 4, Hajime was willing to use one of his Ambrosia to save Meld's life after he came to rescue him and the Hero party at the Great Orcus Labyrinth, admitting he didn't want him to die. Meld on his part was grateful that Hajime saved him and the others, happy that Hajime had survived and regretful that he failed to save him before. In Volume 6, Hajime becomes saddened when he learned that Meld was killed as he granted him permanent peace by destroying his corpse that Eri was controlling with her necromancy. Hajime later visited Meld's grave to leave a flower a token of remembrance and honor him.

Riiman[edit | edit source]

Riiman is considered to be Hajime's first male friend since he was summoned to Tortus. The two of them instantly bonded when they first met at the Meerstadt aquarium in Fuhren where Riiman was being held and later freed him.

Others[edit | edit source]

Kouki Amanogawa[edit | edit source]

Hajime has a neutral stance about Kouki and ignores the fact that the latter envies him. He only has a little bit of good intent towards Kouki because he is a close friend of Kaori and Shizuku. However, Hajime hates Kouki for the most part as he mostly considers the so-called "Hero" to be a large nuisance for him to deal with because of Kouki's bad habit of only believing what fits his own worldview and his annoying sense of justice even after he had failed so many times because of it. While Kouki one-sidedly sees Hajime as a rival, Hajime sees Kouki as an masochist Hero and an immature, stubborn and spoiled brat with grand words lost in his own delusions.

In Volume 4, as a former member of the "Hero Party", who had learned about Ehit's true nature as well as having become powerful enough to survive on his own in Tortus, Hajime refuses to take any orders from Kouki anymore as he was deeply annoyed by his self-righteous naive beliefs and his delusional pride of being Ehit's chosen Hero which makes him think that he has the right to enforce his misguided justice upon Hajime's Party. This negative relationship is further enforced by them having completely opposite ways of thinking as Kouki is a naive idealist obsessing over his delusional sense of justice while Hajime is a disillusioned realist who only cares about surviving and returning back to Japan with his harem.

When Hajime's comrades were greatly annoyed and disgusted by Kouki's insolence, he self-righteously challenged Hajime to an unarmed duel to claim them by force only to be easily defeated and humiliated by Hajime when he tossed Kouki into a pitfall filled with non-lethal grenades to end such a pointless duel.

Hajime even preferred not to explain to Kouki about Ehit's true nature as an Evil God and his schemes in summoning their class to Tortus as pawns for his mad death game because he knew Kouki was naive enough to never believe him given his delusional idealism, immense pride as Ehit's Hero of Tortus, and the hero worship he had received from Ehit's worshipers of the Holy Church and the Heiligh Kingdom before being revealed as a fabricated lie.

In Volume 6, even though Hajime saved him and the rest of his classmates twice already, Kouki still held immense resentment towards his former classmate as he couldn't accept Hajime's choices to abandon the people of Tortus to their own fate under Ehit's tyranny because it contradicts his own ideals. Unlike Ryutarou and Shizuku who appreciated Hajime for reviving Kaori, Kouki was the only one who doesn't expressed gratitude to Hajime due to both his jealousy and his stubborn adherence to his misguided self-righteousness and delusional justice. Kouki was also the only one who condemned Hajime for murdering Hiyama in spite of the traitor's actrocities.

Also in Volume 6, when Aiko and Princess Liliana exposed Ehit's true evil nature and his schemes to his classmates, Kouki stubbornly tried to blame Hajime for allowing Hiyama and Eri to betray them and allowing Freid to invade the Heiligh Kingdom by not warning them earlier about the truth of Ehit. Hajime, however scolded Kouki for his delusional justice and idealism that really caused it such as his naive expectations that his classmates are naturally obligated to help and protect each other, which are the very weaknesses that only allowed both Eri and Hiyama to betray him without even noticing until it was too late. Hajime also coldly criticized Kouki's lack of resolve, that led to all his failures during the important moments despite originally being the strongest of them, when Kouki berated him for refusing to use his new found powers of Ancient Magic for "justice" as that is not what Hajime wanted, rather as what he desired is to use the power of "Age of Gods" magic to return to Japan. Hajime even disparaged Kouki's delusional heroic beliefs to be ridiculous and childish, telling him that strength is nothing more than a curse if one must be obligated to do things simply because they have power to do so regardless of their own personal wishes.

On Kaori's request, Hajime gave Kouki, Suzu, Shizuku and Ryutarou another chance to join him in clearing the remaining Great Labyrinths and to gain Age of God's Magic. But he warned Kouki, if he continually enforce his delusions upon him and his comrades, it will be Kouki's turn to die in a miserable death similar to Hiyama.

Due to Hajime's new wild appearance, Kouki became more jealous of Hajime's ability of getting a harem of more beautiful girls (including Kaori and later also Shizuku), while he himself lost all of his popularity for girls completely after Hajime won their hearts. Kouki even furiously questioned why Hajime is the only one who has a harem when he himself doesn't have one.

Hajime also outright told Kouki in both the Heiligh Kingdom and again in the Hoelscher Empire that he himself doesn't care about the latter's misguided justice by clearly stating that they are neither friends nor comrades and certainly do not believe in the same ideology. Hajime also clearly stated he himself is not obliged to do things the way Kouki wanted like Shizuku and Ryutarou had and if Kouki that if he continues trying to enforce his stupid justice on to him then Hajime will break his arms and legs before sending him back to the Heiligh Kingdom.

In Volume 10, during their final trial in the Frost Caverns of Schnee Labyrinth, Kouki was corrupted by his doppelganger and he decided to try killing Hajime in order take his harem for himself and continue his pointless heroic crusade as Ehit's chosen Hero. Hajime finally lost his patience with Kouki's delusions and thus brutally retaliated by shooting both of Kouki's kneecaps and ruthlessly thrashing him. He also sharply criticized Kouki that the reason why he failed at everything he did in Tortus up until their second fight is because of his foolish choice to stubbornly prioritize both his delusional pride and naive justice over everything else, especially the realization of his own goals. It got even worse when Kouki said Yue's name without honorifics, Hajime brutalized Kouki even further due to him having no right to say the name that he gave to Yue so casually. Hajime initially wanted to kill Kouki to prevent another similar situation from occurring again but chose to spare his life for Shizuku and Kaori's sake by separating him from his doppelganger and killing it before punching the latter unconscious, thereby ending another pointless fight between them. 

When Hajime and Yue were creating the Crystal Key that would bring them back to Japan, Kouki and everyone else experienced what Hajime went through upon falling into the depths of the Great Orcus Labyrinth. Personally witnessing the pain, hunger, loneliness and his determination to survive and return home, Kouki was finally able to see that all of convenient misinterpretation of Hajime was completely wrong from the start and that all of his own problems in Tortus from his failures to the loss of his prestige as the "Hero" were utterly trivial compared to Hajime's hardships. He was also able understand both Hajime's strong desire to return home and the source of his power along with why he couldn't match Hajime no matter what he tried to do, unlike when Shizuku tried explaining it to him. It's because of both the difference in their resolves to accomplish their goals and their circumstances that contributed to their strengths. This is reflected on that fact that Kouki had heavily relied on both Ehit's blessings of as his so-called "chosen hero" and the support from the former "Hero Party", the Heiligh Kingdom, and the Holy Church for pointless hero crusade. Hajime, on the other hand, was forced to survive the immense brutality of the Great Orcus Labyrinth on his own without Ehit's blessings or anyone else's support before discovering Yue there. However even after seeing Hajime's memories of his "fall", he still stubbornly insists that Hajime stole everything from him and believes he's not mistaken in his belief out of a stubborn denial to accept his own negative qualities and failures.   

In the After Story however, Kouki has trouble sorting out his feelings towards Hajime as due to his past actions and failures in Tortus, he therefore could not bring himself to be angry at Hajime but is rather disappointed at himself for being so completely indecisive and not strong enough to realize his ideals. Then he was summoned to another world named Arquette, particularly the Synclea Kingdom to be the Hero and defeat the "Dark Beings" that attack the kingdom. When they attacked, he thought about asking Hajime to transport the "Dark Beings" to another world, so that the people of Synclea Kingdom could be safe and the "Dark Beings" could survive without harming others. He was reminded of Hajime's way of prioritizing those close to him when he heard Koone's wish to save her sister above all. When Kouki was about to escape from Arquette that was attacked by the "Dark Beings", he thought about how he wanted to meet Hajime again along with his family and friends.

After defeating the "Dark Beings" that were attacking Arquette, Kouki resolved himself to fight for the sake of what he believed while accepting everything in contrast to Hajime's view of dividing the world between enemy and ally. Kouki and Hajime finally reunited when Kouki was about to be attacked by a pack of "Dark Beings", as Hajime dispatched them. Hajime then asked Kouki to go back with him but Kouki refused as he wanted to save Moana. Thinking that Kouki's delusional Hero complex has returned, Hajime said that he would call Shizuku to give him a lecture but Kouki resolved himself to stay to save Moana. After the rest of Kouki's friends left the decision of Kouki's retrieval to Hajime, he wanted to confirm if Kouki thought that his choice was correct to himself, to which Kouki responded that such a thing didn't matter, an answer that impressed Hajime. Hajime then went to defend Arquette so Kouki could save Moana as he sent Kouki off with the aid of griffon Grim Reapers. When asked by the others why Hajime lent Kouki his aid instead of dragging him back, it is revealed that Hajime was curious as to where Kouki (who has obtained an answer which is the opposite of Hajime) is going to end up. After helping defeat the "Dark Beings", Hajime was willing to grant Kouki's request of taking Moana with him.

Right after saving the Synclea Kingdom, however, Kouki was again summoned (and also Hajime) into another world named the Factory World by the combat-support A.I. G10 by coincidence. During their time in the Factory World, they worked together as they fought against an evil A.I. with the help of G10, Kousuke (who was summoned by Mother), Noint/Netemp, and Jasper.

After defeating Mother, Kouki got summoned again, this time to the Fairy World and now by an actual goddess named Aularodde Lea Refeat, while dragging Hajime and Kousuke with him, similar to the previous summoning.

Great Labyrinths[edit | edit source]

Inaba[edit | edit source]

A rabbit that saw Hajime's battle with the claw bear in the Great Orcus Labyrinth and recognizes him as the lord of the floor. Gained true sentience after imbibing water from the Ambrosia. Eventually they met, and Inaba became one of Hajime's allies.

Oscar Orcus[edit | edit source]

Out of all the Liberators, Hajime respected Oscar the most due to being fellow Synergists, and Oscar's Labyrinth and Ancient Magic was the first one Hajime conquered and attained which Hajime used Oscar's collection of historical documents, notes, alchemist tools and artifacts in his hidden lair to further advance his own Synergist skills. Hajime's treasure trove ring and prosthetic arm were originally Oscar's masterpieces. It was through Oscar that Hajime got to learn about Ehit's true nature, and Hajime was able to gain insight towards Ehit's schemes due to Oscar's warning about the Liberators past defeat.

Miledi Reisen[edit | edit source]

Hajime respected Milidi for her determination of resolve to oppose Ehit, but was extremely annoyed with her mischievous nature due to all the traps and taunting insults he faced in the Great Reisen Labyrinth, and was irritated at Miledi for imposing her own wishes of overthrowing Ehit upon him which Hajime ironically fulfilled later for the sake of his lovers Yue and Tio who both were hurt by Ehit before.

Meiru Melusine[edit | edit source]

Hajime also deeply respects Meiru for her wisdom and philosophy of independently relying on one's own efforts and abilities to realized their wishes instead of relying on others and giving into the temptation of the Evil God Ehit which Hajime also agreed from his own experience in conquering the dangers of the Great Orcus Labyrinth without relying on others. Meiru's labyrinth also gave Hajime greater insight and precaution against Ehit as Hajime correctly predicted that Ehit had sent his Apostle, Noint, to abduct Aiko as well as assisting Eri and Hiyama in betraying their classmates and Fried's Demon Invasion of the Heiligh Kingdom. Hajime would also later make use of Meiru's philosophy to criticize Kouki and his other classmates about their idealism and naivety as their careless over-reliance on others and also Ehit's blessings and protection as his so called "chosen heroes" was what gave the treacherous Eri and Hiyama the advantage of using their enhanced abilities from Ehit's blessing to massacre and zombify Meld and the other knights into undead soldiers that nearly killed them in the former's death trap without even realizing it. Especially Kouki who stubbornly clung onto his glory and pride as Ehit's chosen Hero even after Ehit's true nature was exposed due to his delusional Hero complex, even giving into the temptation of his misguided self righteousness under Ehit's influence in the Frost Caverns of Schnee Labyrinth's doppelganger trial, failing not only his second attempt for Ancient Magic, and would have also nearly lost his own life by antagonizing Hajime by giving into Ehit's temptation as the members of the Holy Church did.

After Story[edit | edit source]

Koutaro Fukube[edit | edit source]

Koutaro has been in contact with Hajime for over a year as a member of the "Returnee Response Division", which is impressive by most standards since his predecessors could not even handle his job for three months. He is extremely scared of Hajime and always takes stomach medication at even the slightest gesture that is made by the Demon King. Hajime feels bad that he has inadvertently caused Koutaro to feel so much stress, but views him as a highly competent public servant.

Roze Phiris Avenst[edit | edit source]

Roze is the Queen of Avenst Kingdom from the Sky Dragon World. She is amazed at Hajime's powers and initially mistakes him to be the "Dragon Knight" that she hears from stories of her childhood. After getting to know Hajime and seeing how he mercilessly treats his enemies, Roze now views him as a Demon God, but still holds him in high regard. It is implied that she has romantic feelings towards Hajime.

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