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The Independent Merchant Republic of Fuhren (中立ちゅうりつ商業しょうぎょう都市としフューレン, Chūritsu Shōgyō Toshi Fuyūren?) is the largest and busiest mercantile city in Tortus. It is between the Heiligh Kingdom and the Hoelscher Empire and is an extremely popular place for merchants, craftsmen, and tourists.


Fuhren is guarded by thick walls that stood 20 meters high and wrapped 200 kilometers around the entire city. Due to its size, Fuhren is divided into four quarters: The bureaucrats’ quarter, where the city’s various administrative affairs are processed, the tourists’ quarter, where most of the entertainment facilities are located, the makers’ quarter, where weapons, armor, tools, and furniture of all kinds are made, and the traders’ quarter, where goods of all kinds are sold.

Fuhren has two main streets that run from east to west and north to south, and would intersect at the city's center. The closer to the center of the city one’s establishment is, the higher the quality of its services. In contrast, the fringes of the city are filled with unlicensed black market stores selling various goods and services.


Throughout Fuhren's existence, craftsmen of all kinds competed ruthlessly with each other day after day to sell their wares. Some made it big and had their wildest dreams granted (even those that resided in the black market on occasion), while others were crushed by the highly competitive nature of the city.

When the infamous criminal organization Freidhof abducted the young dagon Myu, Hajime Nagumo and his companions went to rescue her, which resulted in Freidhof's utter destruction in terms of both its bases and members. Days after the incident, new criminal groups would spring up, hoping to take advantage of the power vacuum that had been created. However, Fuhren's Adventurer's Guild Branch Chief Ilwa Chang managed to keep them at bay by skillfully spreading rumors of Hajime’s ferocity (after gaining his permission to do so).

As a result of his exploits in Fuhren, Hajime became famous throughout the city, with nicknames that included "Fuhren’s Ultimate Weapon," "White-haired Flame Master," "Lady Killer," and so on.

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Meerstadt Aquarium

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