Freidhof (フリートホーフ, Furītohōfu?) was the largest slave trading ring in Fuhren. It bolstered over 200 members and over 50 hideouts. All attempts to stop them by Fuhren's authorities had been thwarted, as they never left any trace of their illegal dealings. If any of their members were captured, the main organization would just cut them off.

History Edit

Members of Freidhof kidnapped the young dagon Myu and took her to Fuhren to be auctioned off with many other children they had imprisoned, but she managed to escape her cell and was rescued by Hajime and Shea after attempting to swim away in the sewers. The two of them dropped her off with Fuhren's guards in the hopes that they could return her home safety, but their building was soon attacked by other members of Freidhof and managed to capture Myu again. They left a message that demanded that Hajime and Shea meet them if they wish to see Myu alive. This prompted Hajime to take action against Freidhof. Hajime and Shea met the kidnappers, but they did not have Myu, and were tortured by them to give up the locations of all of their bases. Hajime and his companions effortlessly wiped out all of Freidhof's hideouts and most of its members in order to find Myu. He managed to rescue Myu, as well as many other kidnapped children slaves, from an underground auction below a museum and destroyed the rest of their hideouts, effectively putting an end to the organization.

Trivia Edit

  • Freidhof's name is not revealed in the Anime.
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