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Freesia (フリージア, Furījia?) is a character from the Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou "After Story" series.

She is a humanoid shaped "Grim Reaper" created by Hajime Nagumo out of his desire to build a maid robot, and is a combat maid that serves as Rank 10 of the Fleur Knights.

Appearance Edit

Freesia has pure white hair, a well featured beautiful face, with crimson eyes.

Personality Edit

Freesia is fiercely loyal to her master and creator, Hajime. She will execute mission without hesitations.

Biography Edit

Freesia was created by Hajime sometime after his return back to Earth from Tortus, because of his desire to own a maid robot. Not much is known about her origin, except that she is likely based off the maid golem created by Oscar Orcus, which Hajime came across while staying at the Orcus Labyrinth (which was later destroyed by Yue).

Freesia first appeared when some unknown organizations from various nations started to target Hajime's wife Liliana due to her aid network's growing popularity and influence on Earth. While Hajime his family prepared a trap in a remote mountain region to lure in the special forces of those organizations; Freesia, along with other members of the Fleur Knights, eliminated all of the special forces.

Freesia and the other Fleur Knights forcefully gathered the leaders of various nations for a special meeting with the Demon King, aka. Hajime, in order to establish a dialogue (one-sided discussion) relating to the situation of Liliana.

Weapons & Equipment Edit

Being a robot, Freesia is fitted with countless artifacts inside her body, which include a huge variable shield, gatling guns, a pile bunker, a small sunlight convergence laser, missiles, a super vibration death scythe with a large caliber shotgun attached, flying all range ordnances, etc.

Powers & Abilities Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Freesia is currently the only member of the Fleur Knights whose real name is the same as her code name.
  • It has been hinted by Ryo Shirakome that Freesia might possess the soul of one of Ehit's Apostles, which previously possessed Hajime's "Arachnae" spider golems (aka., Hearst and Noint).[1]

References Edit

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