Forneus Abyssion (フォルネス・アビシオン, Forunesu Abishon?) was an antagonist from the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

He was a bishop for the Holy Church in the Kingdom of Velka.

Appearance Edit

Forneus is an elderly man with long hair.

He wears elegant white robes, as per the customs for high ranking people of the Holy Church.

Personality Edit

Forneus is a devout follower of the Holy Church and believes that all humans should offer their lives for the service of their god Ehit.

He is cruel and sadistic, as he takes pleasure in punishing those that would go against the teachings of the church. Forneus is also very ambitious and wants to rise through the ranks of the church by any means possible for him.

Biography Edit

After a powerful Artifact was discovered deep within the mines of the Kingdom of Velka, Forneus had his templar knights kidnap children throughout the slums in order to use it to turn them into a legion of warriors that would fight on behalf of the god Ehit. He and his knights were confronted by the Synergist Oscar Orcus after he had kidnapped children from the Moorin Orphanage, which was the latter's old home. When Oscar arrived to were Forneus was, he saw that the members of the church were waiting for him and had taken a member of the orphanage, Corrin, as a hostage. After Oscar discovered that his co-worker Ping Waress was conspiring with the church and had the children of the orphanage kidnapped due to his grudge with Oscar, the young Synergist was immediately prepared to attack. Forneus attempted to stop Oscar by grabbing Corrin and threatening, but Oscar managed to rescue the young girl while also knocking him and his knights away. Oscar easily dispatched the knights and forced Forneus to reveal the location of the kidnapped children, to which the bishop told him that they were inside the building that he had constructed within the mine. As Oscar was about the enter it, he was stopped by several of the kidnapped children that had been turned into mindless warriors. Oscar managed to hold them off, but was injured after he was attacked by to of the other children from the orphanage, Dylan and Katy. Forneus then approached Oscar commended him for his skills, as well as the Artifacts he used. He offered Oscar a chance to join the church in exchange for the safety of the children and returning them to normal, to which Oscar reluctantly agreed. As he was about to swear his loyalty to the church per Forneus' request, however, he was stopped when Miledi Reisen suddenly appeared from inside the roof of the building by using her gravity magic. She then used it to reveal the Artifact that Forneus used to transform the children, as well as revealing that he had no idea to the reverse its effects. Forneus ordered Dylan and Katy to kill themselves, but they were stopped by Miledi by using her gravity magic to knock them out and gave them to Oscar. He then angrily ordered his forces to attack Milidi, but she managed to ward off their spells with her magic and proceeded to crush all the members of the church by significantly increasing their own gravity. In a lst ditch effort, Forneus tried to bombard Miledi with a barrage of boulders with the spell Earth Blast, but she too managed to neutralize them. As he and his knights were about to be crushed by his own boulders, Forneus suddenly realized who Miledi was due to her revealing her name just before the battle. Despite the severity of the attack, however, Forneus was still alive, albeit horribly disfigured, and proceeded to proclaim to Oscar and Miledi that they would feel Ehit's wrath. He was then killed when Oscar threw a needle at his forehead that was accelerated by Miledi's gravity magic. Despite their efforts, however, Forneus managed to use the last of his mana to initiate a cave-in by causing his body to explode.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Immense Mana - As a bishop of the Holy Church, it was a prerequisite of Forneus to have a large quantity of mana.

Skills Edit

  • Earth Magic Affinity - A skill to use earth magic at a capable rate.

Spells Edit

  • Earth Blast - A high-ranking spell that shatters the ground around the caster, and allows them to use the resulting rubble as projectiles to shoot down their enemies.

Quotes Edit

  • (After his plans were foiled) "This was meant to be my greatest offering to Ehit! I would have created for him a legion of worthy soldiers, loyal to his every command! My achievements would have elevated me to the position of archbishop, no, even to the papacy! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!"[1]

Trivia Edit

  • In demonology, "Forneus" is a Great Marquis of Hell, and has 29 legions of demons under his rule.

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