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Fleur Knights (フルール・ナイツ, Furūru Naitsu?) are a group of combat maids that was trained by Hajime in order to protect Liliana.

All Fleur Knights are absolutely loyal to Hajime Nagumo.


Hajime had conceived the idea for the Fleur Knights soon after he returned to Earth and had Helina compile a list of potential candidates. Over the course of five years, he had been recruiting the members for his combat maids in secret from even his family, and had trained them intensively with the aid of the Haulia Tribe.

The Fleur Knights made their official debut when Liliana was targeted by various foreign government black ops units. Hajime ordered Heliotrope to neutralize the agents that were spying on them near his mother's working place and successfully subdued the agents before the arrival of Koutaro Fukube. Heliotrope then ordered her subordinate Primula to escort the subordinates of Koutaro to them.

When Koutaro put up an offer to temporarily relocate the Nagumo family to a government-owned cabin in the woods until the matter was settled, Heliotrope requested to Hajime to let the Fleur Knights handle the situation and eliminate the foreign agents who was infiltrating the perimeter around Nagumo family's safe house. They then proceeded to abduct the leaders of the nations that initially sent in their agents so that Hajime could discuss the situation with them on his terms.


The Fleur Knights have each assigned a rank number, as well as a code name. The top ten members are in control of their own individual groups of subordinates.




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