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Fairy World is one of nine worlds that are branching from the root world. The World Tree's Branch of this world is named Heaven Tree, with the Avatar/Goddess of this realm's "World Tree" currently being Aularodde Lea Refeat at the start of the world's appearance in the series.


  • There are two types of native residents of this world: Apparations and Fairies. 
  • Apparations are spontaneously created from the myths and legends of other worlds, given form by the Thought Element, which is the special energy of that world. Fairies are the descendants of the original apparations. As Apparations are more directly connected to the myths that gave birth to them, they are more influenced by the Thought Element shortage that was plaguing the world. This causes Apparations to lose their sense of reason and go into a berserk state of hunger and lay siege to the Heaven Tree.