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"Factory World" is the world that was ruled by the A.I. called MOTHER as it's pseudo-goddess, until Hajime and Kouki, with help G10 and Kousuke Endou, destroyed the robotic body that she used to battle the unlikely duo and G10 had terminated her.

History Edit

Prior to MOTHER taking her reign as it's Pseudo-goddess, she was created by a scientist name Stole Harden, sometime after discovering "Star Energy" and creating the "Element Arrangement Equal Conversion System (E.A.E.C.S.)" which allowed the energy into any other known form of energy. After sometime, she betrayed and killed her creator and took the E.A.E.C.S. for herself as an energy source and a last line of defense against all that would oppose her. She would rule over and subjugate humanity for 200+ years until Hajime Nagumo, Kouki Amanogawa, Kousuke Endou, and G10 put an end to her and her rule.

Trivia Edit

  • The Star Energy comes from the world's tree branch, the Scared Tree.
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