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Eri Nakamura (なかむら, Nakamura Eri?) was one of the antagonist character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

She was originally one of the summoned heroes but later betrayed her classmates to the demons. Used her original darkness magic "Soul Bind" to manipulate countless numbers of dead puppet soldiers. After she obtain the power of apostle, she became more powerful than before and able to manipulate Kouki Amanogawa using soul bind even without killing him. She died using self destruct power which is 'last loyalty' after knowing that Kouki no longer being manipulated by her. After she died, she has a face to face communication with best friend Suzu Taniguchi, telling her she would have been better if she met Suzu first instead of Kouki during her childhood time.

She and Daisuke Hiyama betrayed the "Hero Party" and branded as traitors.

After the manipulating Kouki to her side, she behaves just like her mother by being clingy towards Kouki.

Following her defeat at Suzu's hands, she committed suicide by exploding herself.


Eri has short black hair that is kept in a tiny bob. She has brown eyes and is usually seen wearing glasses.

After obtaining the power of an apostle, she grows wings.


In the beginning, Eri is portrayed as a calm and quiet girl that loves books. Later on, however, it is shown that she is very cunning and willing to take advantage of classmates for her gain. She has a very deep obsession on Kouki to the point that she is willing to kill him to 'soul bind' him and make him her puppet.

She pretended to be kind and compassionate as well pretending to become friends with her classmates. In truth, she doesn't care about her classmates as they are nothing but pawns to her as well she will kill them to make them her undead slaves.

Eri is highly manipulative when she blackmailed Daisuke Hiyama for his once attempt to kill Hajime but only he returned as a demonic monster. She would exposed it to her other classmates of this knowledge unless Hiyama cooperate with her.

Eri is also a coward who is terrified of her now mutated and murderous classmate, Hajime Nagumo after his murdering upon Cattleya. When Hajime arrived, she beg him to spare of her life so that he could revive Kaori as his undead slave. He feared the worst when Hajime destroyed all of her slaves and killing Hiyama.


Eri had a very tragic past whereby her father died saving her from an accident and receiving her mom's hatred after her father's death. It was mentioned that her mother loved her only because she is her husband's daughter. After her father's demise, her mother remarried another man, but Eri's stepfather was later imprisoned by the police due to abusing Eri. This resulted her mother again blaming her for seducing her new husband. Leaving Eri of her hatred toward her mother and broken the bonds between mother and daughter.



  • Daisuke Hiyama - one of her classmates and fellow traitor that she blackmails of his betrayal of letting Hajime to fall only he returned as a monster, into working with her to get what they both want (Eri wants Kouki and Hiyama wants Kaori). But foiled after their defeats by Hajime Nagumo.
  • Noint - Noint was aware of Eri's plot to betray the Heiligh Kingdom but decided to cooperate with her due to Noint's master Ehit finding Eri's plans amusing. Eri was first scared of her and though that she would have to kill her but was grateful to her for her help as it speed up Eri's plans by months.
  • Freid Bagwa - Though they are allies, the two of them do not get along as Freid does not trust Eri. He finds her irritating as she is capable of avoiding his detection due to her dark magic. Despite this, the both of them are willing to cooperate with each other as Freid used his Metamorphosis magic to strengthen Eri's undead soldiers. 
  • Ehit - Ehit finds Eri's plans amusing and considers her a interesting piece in his game. He decided to aid her plans by sending Noint to assist her. Eri is extremely grateful for his help and proudly declare that she has God's blessing on her side. Eri suggests kidnapping Myu and Remia to Ehit, as she knows that they will serve as good hostages for Hajime. Eri later assists Ehit in seizing Yue's body. After Ehit departs for the Holy Precincts after she seized Yue's body, he allowed Eri to accompany him to the Holy Precincts, stating that due to her help, he would grant her wishes.


  • Kouki Amanogawa - Eri see's him as her savior and will do anything for him to be her's. After Aiko exposed the truth of Ehit as the evil god, Eri confirmed to Kouki as the reason why she betrayed him and her classmates.
  • Suzu Taniguchi - even it's a lie, at some point she considers her a true friend. Though she mostly only sees her as a tool to get close to Kouki. Though she admitted if she meet Suzu before she meet Kouki, then things might have been different. After her defeat by Suzu, Eri committed suicide her attempted to kill Suzu by an explosion.
  • Shizuku Yaegashi - Eri hates her due to Shizuku acting like it she takes being Kouki's friend for granted and that it feels like a burden.
  • Hajime Nagumo - After witnessing his inhuman strength and ruining her plans, she views him a monster who shows no hesitation killing even his own classmates, which makes her scared of him and his demonic strength. Prior to forming an alliance with Daisuke, Eri initially considers to work alongside Hajime before he falls into the abyss. When he arrived, Eri begged Hajime to spare her and she would revive Kaori as his slave but she send her slaves to attack him only for them to be destroyed. After Daisuke's and the undead army's deaths and Eri's defeat, Hajime was willing to kill her for her betrayal of her failed attempted to turn Kaori Shirasaki into an undead sex slave for Daisuke, she got away with Freid Bagwa.
  • Other Classmates - Eri only sees them as pawns that are to be included in her corpse army. Her betrayal had a strong negative impact on all them.

Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Immense Physical Abilities - after undergoing the Apostle transformation process, Eri possesses all the physical abilities of the apostle. However her abilities are a bit inferior to true Apostle's or Kaori who possesses Noint's body and more inferior to Hajime Nagumo.
  • Genius Intellect: Eri has shown incredible, genius intelligence for her age, being superior to most of her classmates including her teacher Aiko. Her intelligence is shown when she invented an original Necromancy magic spell through personal research as well as choosing to betray her classmates and Heligh Kingdom to support the Demons for self-preservation as she already realized it is almost impossible to opposed the Demons who were supported by Ehit and his armies of five hundred Apostles. She was also the only person who realized the fireball that caused Hajime to fall into the abyss was intentionally aimed at him and quickly figured out it was fired by Daisuke Hiyama, even correctly guessing his reason for it. But rather than sell him out right away, she chose to blackmail him to help her with her future plans.
    • Master Tactician - Eri has shown to be an extremely crafty psychological tactician and excellent manipulator, having managed to conceal her true personality of a cruel and twisted lunatic obsessed with Kouki, with feigned personality of gentle, quiet girl. Fooling all of her classmates including the extremely sharp Shizuku. She orchestrated a series of master plans to claimed Kouki for herself by killing most of her classmates, by secretly contacting the Demons to assist them in invading and destroying Heiligh Kingdom in exchange for killing her classmates who were the chosen heroes of Ehit and sparing her and Kouki. Through clever manipulation, Eri recruited Daisuke Hiyama a fellow summoned Hero to assist her to kill most of the Knights of Heiligh Kingdom in order to reanimate them into her pawns which she planned to use in ambushing her classmates in a deadly trap. She also managed to tricked Shizuku into letting her guard down by using her friend and personal maid Nia who she has reanimated into her puppet to stabbed Shizuku in the back. Anticipating that Kouki could possibly escape, she used the reanimated Meld Loggins as a means to immobilize Kouki due to Kouki's attachment to Meld and Meld's superior sword skill in addition to applying a non-lethal poison to Kouki when she kissed him. Her plans would have succeed if not for Hajime's unexpected intervention.
  • Master Swordsman - By using her necromancy powers, Eri was able to possess the knowledge of Meld Loggins, the best swordsman in the Heiligh Kingdom thus obtaining his knowledge in swordsmanship, thus becoming proficient in using a single sword in battle.

Magical Abilities

  • Immense Mana - Being a Necromancer and one of Ehit's summoned heroes, Eri has more mana when compared to other people of Tortus. By continuously training in secret, she was able to increase her mana capacity. After undergoing the Apostle transformation process, Eri gains the immense mana of one of God's Apostles, allowing her to perform her spells on larger scales and at higher levels than before.
  • Magic Master - Eri has one of the highest magic aptitudes among Ehit's chosen heroes, particularly in Dark attribute Magic due her Job Class as a Necromancer. Her already high aptitude was increased by her secret training after which she was able to control up to 500 reanimated corpses. Her skill in necromancy magic allowed her to develop a spell that was a degraded version of Age of Gods magic. After obtaining her Apostle powers, her magical abilities improved dramatically, being able to temporarily disable Yue with her dark magic.


  • Dark Magic Affinity - it allows the user to use dark magic at a capable rate.
    • Decreased Magic Consumption - decrease in magic consumption for using dark magic.
    • Increased Efficiency - effects raised when using dark magic.
    • Increased Duration - duration in using dark magic raised.
    • Necromancy - the highest form of  dark magic, Eri is capable of reanimating and controlling dead corpses. Her mastery is great enough that she invented an inferior form of "Age of God's" spirit magic that allows her to directly control the souls of the dead and reanimate them as her undead puppets allowing her to perfectly reanimate and control an entire army of corpses with their memories, personalities and skills intact.
  • Language Comprehension - a base skill granted to all those who got summoned. It gives the user the ability to understand any language and be proficient in it.
  • Apostle Abilities - After receiving the power of an apostle from Ehit she gained a massive increase to her powers as well as the subsequent ability to grow wing wings and fire their feathers like projectiles. She also gained the apostles power of Disintegration. However, Suzu noticed that she cannot perfectly utilize the power of the Apostle's or trace back their experience as Suzu noted that while she can block Eri's Disintegration bombardment, she cannot block Kaori's Disintegration bombardment.


  • Spirit Binding - Eri's original Necromancy spell which allows her to tear out a soul fragment containing memories, thoughts and personality of a dead person from their spirit and bind it to their corpse to reanimate it. This magic is only usable for a short time after a person has died. Due to it being a crude form of spirit magic, Eri can only rip out fragments of her victims's souls instead of controlling it entirely, leaving her victims in a mental state of Hollowness. After being enhanced with Apostle powers, she can even do Spirit Binding on living being. However, she can only guide the targets consciousness into believing a what the caster says. Spirit Bind loses it's effect on living beings if they are able to see past the illusion planted by the caster.
  • Wicked Wrap - a dark attribute magic that obstructs the commands of the brain that is sent to the body thus making it impossible to move or react temporarily.
  • Mind Slip - a dark attribute magic that temporarily sealed the target's memory for a few seconds until the current time.
  • Flame Tide - an intermediate fire spell that summons a wave of fire that the caster can freely control. “Swallow them whole, O crimson mother— Flame Tide!”


  • (To her classmates): "Fufu, I’m so glad we all came to this world. Getting rid of all of you would have been difficult back in Japan. Which is why, of course, I can’t let you guys win this war and go back home. Because Kouki-kun’s going to spend the rest of his days here, with me. Forever."[1]
  • (To her classmates): Ahaha, it’s useless. She’s already dead. I would have never expected that you guys would be coming here…, the moment Kaori appeared I should have noticed. ……Un, it seems like it’s already over for Hiyama, I’ll give it to you? As long as you’re not hostile against me, I’ll bring Kaori back to life with magic for you. It wouldn’t be genuine but, she’ll stay pretty like now? It’s better than rotting right? Ne?
  • (To Hajime Nagumo): Wait, wait a bit, Nagumo. Come on, look at the surrounding people? There’s not much difference between them and the living? Although it can’t be helped that she’s dead, at the very least I could make her like them? Furthermore, I can create a Kaori that you like? For that you’ll absolutely need me...
  • (To her undead soldiers): KILL HIM!!!


  • Eri is the fifth and final member of her class to die, but the only one to commit suicide to explode herself.
  • Eri is the class librarian before being summoned to Tortus.[2]
  • Eri is currently the only character who has appeared on a main series Light Novel cover page that never became part of Hajime's harem.
  • Her committed suicide is similar to Deidara from Naruto: Shippunden.


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