Eliheid S. B. Heiligh (エリヒド・S・B・ハイリヒ, Erihido S. B. Hairihi?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

He was the late king of the Heiligh Kingdom.


A handsome older man with blond hair and blue eyes.


He is a devoted follower of Tortus' god Ehit.



He was killed by Eri Nakamura and used as a puppet due to her proficiency in necromancy magic.


  • Luluaria S. B. Heiligh - his wife.
  • Liliana S. B. Heiligh - his daughter.
  • Lundel S. B. Heiligh - his son.
  • Hajime Nagumo - Eliheid rarely interacts with Hajime prior to being killed. He does not think too much of Hajime due to his job as a Synergist, but is not as rude about it as some of the other nobles in the kingdom.
  • Ishtar Langbard - Eliheid treats Ishtar as if he were of a higher standing than him. He frequently does not take action unless he gains Ishtar's approval.
  • Gahard D. Hoelscher - the two of them have a positive relationship due to them being the rulers of two allied nations, though Eliheid is not too fond of Gahard's quirks when he challenges Kouki Amanogawa to a duel while in disguise. Gahard considers him a great king and grieves after learning of his death.


  • Eliheid is considered a rare case among royalty in Tortus, in which he didn't have any mistresses.
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