Eliheid S. B. Heiligh (エリヒド・S・B・ハイリヒ, Erihido S. B. Hairihi?) was a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

He was the king of the Heiligh Kingdom when the heroes from Earth were summoned to Tortus.


Eliheid is a handsome older man with blond hair and blue eyes.


He was a devoted follower of Tortus' god Ehit, which renders him vulnerable to Noint's brainwashing as Ehit's pawn. He became even more religious after being brainwashed to the point he would dismiss Meld Loggins's concerns about the "Hollowness" of the zombified knights, as well as threaten his own daughter for doubting the Holy Church.


Eliheid welcomed the students from Earth that were summoned by Ehit in order to fight against the demons and had provided them with artifacts and instructors in order to properly prepare them.

After Hajime Nagumo was believed to have been killed while exploring the Great Orcus Labyrinth, most of the kingdom's nobles expressed either delight or contempt due to them considering Hagime to be the weakest member of the hero's party. Eliheid did his best to stop the gossip about Hajime from spreading throughout the kingdom in order to avoid angering or upsetting the rest of the heroes. Captain Meld Loggins wanted to interrogate the students to determine who fired the spell that caused Hajime to fall to his apparent death, but both Eliheid and Pope Ishtar Langbard forbad him from asking them.

When envoys from the Hoelscher Empire arrived to meet the heroes from Earth, one of them challenged Kouki Amanogawa to a duel in order to test his strength as the "Hero". During the duel, Kouki's opponent criticized him for his lack of resolve while fighting and called him weak, to which Eliheid became offended and started yelling at him. It was then discovered by Ishtar that the opponent was actually Emperor Gahard D. Hoelscher in disguise, much to Eliheid's annoyance. The two rulers later discussed affairs of state and Gahard promised Eliheid to offer his support to Kouki and the other heroes.


After Hajime was revealed to be alive and had rescued his classmates in the Great Orcus Labyrinth from the demon Cattleya, Eliheid and the Holy Church declared him to be a heretic due to his immense power, as well as his refusal to rejoin and cooperate with them in the war against demons. Hajime's teacher Aiko tried to persuade Eliheid and the others to not make Hajime their enemy, but they refused her pleas in spite of her growing popularity throughout the kingdom.

Eliheid and many of thing kingdom's nobles began to act erratic and were especially more devoted to their god Ehit. It had gotten to a point where Eliheid's daughter Liliana was concerned, but refused to act for fear of being labelled a heretic by her father.

When the demons had invaded the Heiligh Kingdom, it was revealed by Eri Nakamura that Eliheid and many of the nobles had been brainwashed by Noint, resulting in their increased religious fanaticism. Eliheid and the nobles were later assassinated by Eri's zombified knights during the chaos.


Eliheid was buried along with all those who lost their lives during the war. His family abandoned their respects for the so-called "god" and held hatred toward him as well willing to destroy him for mistreating humanity. His death was avenged after Hajime killed Ehit.


  • Luluaria S. B. Heiligh - His wife.
  • Liliana S. B. Heiligh - His daughter.
  • Lundel S. B. Heiligh - His son.
  • Hajime Nagumo - Eliheid rarely interacts with Hajime prior to being killed. He does not think too much of Hajime due to his uncommon job as a Synergist, but is not as rude about it as some of the other nobles in the kingdom. However, when Hajime was discovered to be alive and obtained monstrous strength and powerful new comrades, Eliheid and the Holy Church declared them all as "Heretics" when Hajime refused to rejoin his former classmates. When Liliana informed Hajime about her father's increasingly religious fanaticism, having experienced the visions of Ehit's past atrocity in the Melusine Labyrinth, Hajime correctly deduced that Eliheid have been brainwashed by one of Ehit's Apostles.
  • Ishtar Langbard - Eliheid treats Ishtar as if he were of a higher standing than him. He frequently does not take action unless he gains Ishtar's approval.
  • Gahard D. Hoelscher - The two of them have a positive relationship due to them being the rulers of two allied nations, though Eliheid is not too fond of Gahard's quirks when he challenges Kouki Amanogawa to a duel while in disguise. Gahard considers him a great king and grieves after learning of his death.
  • Ehit - Eliheid was a devoted worshiper of Ehit, which rendered him vulnerable to being brainwashed by Noint as Ehit's pawn.


  • Eliheid is considered a rare case among royalty in Tortus, in which he didn't have any mistresses.


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