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Ehit (エヒト, Ehito?) was the main antagonist of both "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" and "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

Ehit was the pseudo-god, who once ruled over Tortus through the doctrine passed through various disciples. Ehit would use everyone as disposable game pieces on a game board, aka, Tortus; and enjoyed playing with the lives of people while leading them straight to their doom until humanity turned against him after the truth was revealed by both Aiko and Liliana.

During the final battle in Tortus against the false god, Ehit was killed by Hajime Nagumo, thus ending the fake god's so-called "chessboard of life and death" for all eternity.


Ehit's Illustration (Anime)

Ehit, as depicted on the wall of the Holy Church's Divine Temple.

Ehit's appearance when the heroes were summoned was that of a being of light in a humanoid shape, like a soul. The reason Ehit existed as a soul was because over the course of millenniums, Ehit used the knowledge from his previous world to convert the faith of the people into power to achieve a sort of immortality, As a result, however, Ehit's body was lost and had become an existence of only a soul.

After Ehit possessed the body of Yue, changes were made to it which caused her to physically age into an adult.


Ehit was originally kind, or at least, considerate enough to help people in need, as seen when along with the fellow survivors who escaped to Tortus, saw how people were terrorized by magical beasts and monsters. Ehit, along with their fellow comrades, decided to help the people of Tortus to fend off the threats, and also gave them knowledge so that they could develop and prosper.

But over the course of millenniums after achieving immortality and becoming a soul like existence, Ehit's mentality started to change, especially after the fellow survivors started to give up on their life and slowly accepted death. All alone, Ehit's mind slowly corroded and started to feel enjoyment by seeing the suffering of the very people he once helped and saved. Ehit developed an immensely cruel and sadistic personality which was filled with malice and contempt, becoming a psychotic Evil God who manipulated both Humans and Demons of Tortus to fight millienias of brutal wars for his own twisted entertainments by posing as two different individual gods which the two races worshiped as Hajime had correctly guessed. As stated by Noint, Ehit derived the greatest joy by seeing people try their best, only to be thwarted and failed in absolute despair when they had reached their goal. As shown when in past, after the Klarus Dragonman tribe had succeeded in achieving world peace after centuries of painstaking efforts by building a paradise Kingdom where all races lived in harmony as well as creating a global alliance between countries which will helped each other in times of need, Ehit manipulated his worshipers both Humans and Demons to betrayed the Dragonman by declaring them as a race of heretical monsters destroying the multi racial Kingdom the Dragonman had worked so hard to built even driving them into hiding for centuries. When his archenemies the Liberators had been ready to start a revolution to overthrow Ehit after immense efforts, Ehit cleverly manipulated his own worshipers the very people the Liberators wished to protect to turn against them, ultimately forcing to part ways and built the Great Labyrinths to hide themselves in. Ehit also wanted his so-called summoned "heroes" to die to their miserable deaths and to ensure they will never leave Tortus back to their world alive. Ehit also supported Eri and Hiyama in betraying their classmates due to finding their intentions and actions amusing.

Ehit's ego also inflated to extreme level, which developed into a selfish, narcissist and prideful nature. Ehit felt joy in staying one-step ahead against the enemies with the designed plans, but doesn't like it when the plans don't go the way as needed. Ehit viewed humanity to be weak and playthings as he is toying with their lives

Ehit is also a failure-intolerant who holds no uses for his weak pawns and disposed them of their uses as a sign of disappointment to himself as his pawns brought nothing but shame upon him so miserably such as Hiyama was killed by Hajime and his greatest pawn, Kouki gotten defeated by Hajime so easily in the Frost Caverns. He adapted a use for Kouki by manipulating his newly servant, Eri of willing to give Kouki to her as a "prize" for her services.

Ehit hold a lust for immortality as he once tried to search for Yue and possessed her as a "host body". When learned Yue is with Hajime, Ehit send his minions to seize her. After Eri retrieved Yue, Ehit temporarily possessed Yue's body which caused Hajime to his raged consumed state. While using Yue's body, Ehit doesn't got a complete control which caused to his death when Yue's willpower freed herself from his control leaving Ehit vulnerable as Hajime killed the false god and destroyed his "chessboard of life" for all eternity.

Ehit is manipulative liar who deceived humans that beastmen were just an "inferior" species. His beliefs of protecting humanity against Garland was just a setup which would lend his pawns to their deaths. While the truth has been revealed, Ehit doesn't have anyone else to manipulate after humanity turned against him.

However, Ehit has revealed himself to be a coward as he hold a fear of death or his true nature revealed which is the legacy of the Liberators that had caused him to develop a nature which needs to do anything necessary to stay alive. He fears Hajime worse than the Liberators due to his unconcern for Tortus and its people when he simply unleashed a massacre and genocide towards both of Ehit's human and demon worshipers as he wanted to eliminate him and his companions at all costs by sending Noint to assassinate Hajime. He shown in a sheer of terror when Hajime killed Noint and used her body to revive Kaori as an insult to the so-called "god". When his true nature has been revealed, he shown in fears of his human worshipers has turned against him as well losing the balance to his little "chessboard of life and death" for immortality.

Ironically, it was Ehit's tremendous arrogance and lust for immortality had ultimately became his downfall when Yue freed herself from his influence, he left himself to be defenseless and has been slayed by Hajime and his "chessboard of life and death" is destroyed for all eternity.



Ehit belonged to a race of beings that resided in another world. When that world was being slowly destroyed by unknown causes, Ehit was among a group of survivors that escaped to Tortus. They helped develop their new world, which at that point was extremely underdeveloped. Eventually, the survivors dwindled down to only Ehit. In order to escape death, Ehit transcended into a god, who overtime, developed to become extremely cruel, finding enjoyment in terrorizing the other beings of his new world, responsible for mass religious wars, disasters, and famine.

At some point in time, Ehit fought against Uralt, who was the first avatar of the Grand Tree that acted as a branch for the World Tree in True World Astral, as well as the hero of that era, and defeated them both. Before her death, however, Uralt used the last of her strength to transfer her spirit into the hero's Holy Sword Artifact that was created to defeat Eht.

"Zero" Timeline

"Main Series" Timeline

Ehit summoned a group of students from Earth in order to serve as pieces of his board game by aiding humanity in their war against the demons after they somehow acquired the power to control monsters.


Ehit (in Yue's body) drinking blood.



  • Alva - Alva was Ehit's fellow god and retainer. Alva was very loyal to his master. When Alva is killed by Hajime, Ehit experiences immense fear.
  • True Apostles - The True Apostles were Ehit's personal henchwomen as he send them for assignment to disguise as nuns for various missions such as brainwashing his worshippers in particular various political leaders such as Eliheid in order to continue religious wars for his own entertainment as well as killing all those who posed a threat to his death game such as the Liberators and Hajime. After Noint's death and failed mission in eliminating Hajime, Ehit send all of his Apostles to assist Fried to kill Hajime Nagumo and his party (harem) to ensure they'll never leave Tortus and return back to Japan alive. Unfortunately, he shown in great fear after his true apostles failed their task and all of them got killed by Hajime and his party (harem).
  • Noint: Noint was Ehit's strongest apostle. He send her to capture Aiko to prevent her to expose the truth and kill Hajime for ruining his "game board". However, after Noint's death and used her body to revive Kaori, Ehit shown in greater fears and rage as being more insulted by Hajime.
  • Daisuke Hiyama: Despite not meeting him, Ehit found Hiyama's insanity to be amusing as he allowed him to work for him. However, when Hiyama died miserably by Hajime's hands, Ehit lost his all of his interest on Hiyama and saw him as a disappointment for being pathetically weak.
  • Eri Nakamura: Despite not meeting her, Ehit found Eri amusing and viewed her as an interesting piece and allowed her to work for him to kill her classmates and turn them in undead slaves. After the undead slaves and Hiyama's deaths by Hajime, Ehit is willing to meet Eri as he willing to make her of his uses against her classmates While meeting Eri, Ehit undergone Eri to become an Apostle hybrid for her to continually working for him. He manipulated Eri in her desire of having Kouki as a "prize" for her. After captured Yue and possessed her body, Ehit deemed Eri to be worthy of his uses against Hajime and their classmates. While her defeated by Suzu Taniguchi, Eri chose to commit suicide by exploding herself in her last loyalty for Ehit.


  • Liberators - Ehit's archenemies, the Liberators had learned of Ehit's true nature as an Evil God as well as the fact he had been manipulating the people of Tortus both Humans and Demons to fight and kill each other. Due to having witnessed Ehit's worshippers commiting countless gruesome atrocities from fighting brutal religious wars to sacrificing innocent people just to expressed their devotion to Ehit as well as having the personally suffered from Ehit's tyranny. The Liberators held absolute hatred for the Evil God with Miledi refering him as a rotten scumbag and had worked tirelessly to overthrow him. However, Ehit gleefully manipulated his own victims, his devoted worshippers of both Humans and Demons whom the Liberators were seeking to protect to turn against by branding them as heretics who tried to destroyed the world. And thus the Liberators failed and were forced into hiding themselves in various parts of the World, creating Great Labyrinths as trials for those who could conquered them in hopes of their successors realized their dream of overthrowing Ehit until their hope has came true when Hajime slayed Ehit and destroyed his "game of death" forever.
  • Hajime Nagumo - Ehit's latest archenemy and killer from his summoned heroes, at first, Ehit thought little of Hajime, simply gave him a common non combat Job Class of Synergist without any other blessings such as superhumanly enhanced abilities and a variety of skills as Hajime's classmates had. After Hajime fell into the Orcus Dungeon and succeeded in conquering it, Hajime learnt from Oscar about Ehit's true nature and thus refused to rejoined his classmates and aid the Holy Church and Heligh Kingdom in their war against Demons due to realizing that the war that Ehit summoned them to participate in was simply another twisted entertainment of his and Ehit had in reality summoned them to Tortus to be pawns in his mad game of death. Hajime proved himself to be a far greater threat to Ehit than the Liberators themselves not only due to Hajime newfound immense power, but also his complete disinterest in the well being of the people of Tortus. Ehit's method of turning his worshipers on those who go against him failed to worked on Hajime as unlike the Liberators, Hajime could not care less about Tortus and its people due to his new ruthless personality who is perfectly contend to massacre every last one of his worshipers be they human or demons if they come after him at Ehit's orders proven when Hajime and his party massacred a majority of Fried's army along with Ishtar Langbard and the bishops of the Holy Church in the Heligh Kingdom when they tried to attacked Hajime at Ehit's instigation. Ehit thus sent one of his God Apostle Noint to kill Hajime only for Hajime to succeed in slaying Noint, as a last insult, Hajime used Noint body as a vessel for Kaori as well as managed to exposed the truth of a non existent benevolent Ehit that villianized the real Ehit as a new Evil God who has posed as the benevolent Ehit, effectively turning the Humans of Tortus who were supposed to be his devoted worshipers to turned against the false god himself with the help of Aiko and princess Liliana. In the final battle, Hajime fought Ehit (while in take over Yue's body until he got separate from her body by her own freewill) and later killed the false god to end his "chessboard of life and death" forever. After killing Ehit, Hajime earn his newly reputation from his classmates as the "God Slaying Demon King" meaning he can kill any deities or immortal beings.
  • His Former Chosen Heroes and Worshipers: As Hajime stated, while Ehit had blessed his classmates with superhuman abilities and powerful Jobs Classes and variety of Skills as his chosen heroes, in reality, Ehit had summoned them to Tortus as pawns in his mad game of death and thus will never allow them to returned home and is perfectly willing to allow to them die miserable deaths proven when Ehit sent his Apostle Noint to assist Eri and Hiyama in betraying them by massacring the Knights of Heligh Kingdom and inviting the Demons to destroyed the Kingdom and have Eri zombified all of them into her undead puppets as she did to Kondou. However, when the Heroes learns from Aiko and Princess Liliana that they were being used as pawns manipulated by the false god himself, they've turned against him and sided with Hajime caused Ehit shown in fear. Emperor Gahard shown his disrespects for Ehit by calling him a false god.
  • Kouki Amanogawa - Ehit had chose Kouki to be a potential vessel thus blessed him to be the strongest out of his summoned Heroes by giving him the Job Class of Hero as well as having the highest stats and most amount of Skills out of his classmates. Kouki due to his misguided sense of justice and inability to differentiate between good and evil proved to be one of Ehit's easiest to manipulate pawns, having trained hard in preparation to participate in his war, even attempted to recruit Hajime's extremely powerful party members, Yue, Shea and Tio to joined him in fighting for Ehit. Hajime even stated Kouki will never want to believed that Ehit whom the Humans had worshiped and had also specially chosen him to be the Hero is in reality an Evil God and all his efforts in fighting for Ehit are meaningless and would even get angry at Hajime for supposedly villianize Ehit, a fact which Kouki could not denied. However, after learning from Aiko of Ehit's true nature as an evil god and his manipulative schemes of using him and his classmates as pawns for his game of death including the fact that Eri had personally exposed how Ehit had helped her in betraying them by sending Noint to abduct Aiko and brainwashed King Eliheid and his nobles during her death trap, Kouki despite his misguided sense of justice, begrudgingly forced to accept the truth of Ehit's evil nature and thus lost all of the his trace of respects for the God in his atrocities. When Kouki was corrupted by his trial in the Schnee Labyrinth, Kouki having decided to misinterpreted everything to suit his delusional justice chose to believe Hajime had been slandering Ehit ruining his glory as the chosen hero of Tortus, had continually willing to fulfill his useless heroism by killing Hajime and take his harem to "save" the world in Ehit's name but got easily defeated again. After his second defeat, Ehit revealed to Kouki as his valuable pawn for his "chessboard of life" before rediscovered Yue. Ehit now deemed Kouki to be useless to him as he is too weak to be of any real use to him in his upcoming final battle against Hajime after he captured Yue and temporarily possessed her body. Ehit has instead found new use in Kouki by using him to manipulate his new servant Eri Nakamura by giving him to her as her "prize" for serving him.
  • Yue - Ehit merely viewed Yue as a "host body" to possess due to her immortality. However, Yue's people has sealed her within the Oscus Labyrinth to ensure he will never search for her. While discovered Yue is one of Hajime's harems, Ehit decided to capture her. After Eri captured Yue, Ehit temporarily possessed her body before his upcoming final battle against Hajime. In his fight with Hajime, Yue was able free herself from Ehit's influence which gave Hajime the upper hand as he successfully killed Ehit and demolished his "chessboard of life and death" once and all. Following his death, Yue obtained all of Ehit's powers.

Powers & Abilities

As Ehit was the last surviving member of his comrades from his dead world who had managed to travel to Tortus with their World's extremely advanced magical research. Ehit possessed numerous powers and abilities that had only continued grow stronger, after he'd ascended into a being of pure thought and energy, to the point that the entire populace of Tortus had regarded his powers as being divine. However, Ehit's power had proven inferior in comparison to Hajime's own power when the latter slayed Ehit after his difficult battle the monstrous murderer due to Yue.

  • Magic Mastery: Due to this, Ehit is shown to be extremely skilled in magic, having completely mastered the 7 Ancient Magics (and presumably concept magic) brought from his dying world, to the point that he could easily perform godlike spells and feats normally impossible for regular "mortals" to accomplish. His power was so immense that the majority of Tortus's local populace stood no hope of containing his being due to the sheer might of his powers. The only exceptions being Yue and Kouki Amanogawa, who were the only beings that stood any chance of hosting him and surviving. This is considered incredibly amazing due the fact that Yue was considered an extremely rare, born only once, anomaly among the already extremely powerful Vampire Race and Kouki being an otherworlder summoned from a foreign world. Ehit was also known to have been the one to give each of the Hero Party members their unique job classes via magic.
    • Creation Magic: Ehit is a master of Creation Magic, having been known to have used it to create numerous Artifact Items and Weapons for the personal use of his Apostle's and was implied to have also used it in creating the Apostles themselves (Their eternal mana crystal hearts) and used it during the construction of his own Palace within the Holy Precinct.
    • Gravity Magic: Ehit was also a master of Gravity Magic and its offensive abilities.
    • Spatial Magic: Ehit was also known to have been a master of Spatial Magic, having been known to have created his own spiritual dimension to reside in when he ascended himself into a being of pure energy and thought when he still lacked a physical host to contain his soul.
    • Restoration Magic: Ehit was also known to have full mastery over restoration magic, having been able to completely restore Hearst after she was extensively injured by Miledi Reisen, Oscar Orcus and Naiz Gruen Caliente to her previous uninjured state without issue.
    • Spirit Magic: Ehit was also a master of Spirit Magic, having successfully accomplish several feats using the magic. Such as creating artificial consciousness and implanting in his artificially created bodies in order to be his agents ,detaching his own soul from his own body and transforming it into a though form capable of surviving for thousands of years without the need of a body and being able to merge and possess his soul with another in order to usurp control of their bodies for his own personal use.
    • Evolution Magic: Ehit was assumed to have used Evolution Magic in creating his Apostles, having been able to give them immense power and skills that easily surpassed the abilities of the other races naturally born in Tortus and later was able to completely evolve both Freid Bagwa and Eri Nakamura's abilities, skills and powers to a much higher level upon transforming them into Apostle-Human/Demon Hybrids. Ehit may have also use Evolution Magic to blessed most of the Hero Party particularly Kouki who is Ehit's original intended host with enhanced physical and magical abilities including special combat oriented Jobs and a variety of Skills albeit to a significantly weaker extent than actual Apostles due to his intention of using them as pawns in his mad death game.
    • Metamorphosis Magic: Ehit had also completely mastered Metamorphosis Magic, as it was implied he used it when creating his Apostle's, and then when he had transformed both Freid and Eri into Hybrids thus giving them access to the same powers as his Apostle's and granting them new abilities altogether thanks to their changed bodies.
  • Body Control: Ehit has the ability to possess another's body to use as his "host body". However, when temporarily possessing an especially powerful individual's body, he doesn't immediately gain complete control over their body if they have a will strong enough to resist and break free from his control, such as Yue when she was able to free herself leaving the false god himself completely defenseless and enabling Hajime to kill Ehit.



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