Dott Clowe (ドット・クローウ, Dotto Kurōu?) from a character of the Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō series.

He is the chief secretary of the Fuhren branch of the Adventurer's Guild and works directly under Ilwa Chang.

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Dott is a slender man with glasses.

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Dott is very professional and stern in following the rules. The hardships he faces as chief secretary for the Adventurer's Guild Fuhren branch has caused him to be at his wits end at times.

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After a confrontation broke out between Hajime Nagumo and Poom Min in Fuhren, Dott and several guild attendants arrived to access the situation. He wanted Hajime to come with him in order to get s full story of the situation from both parties. Hajime explained that Poom had his bodyguard Reganid attack him and he acted out of self defense, but Dott still needed to follow procedure and her both parties explain. Poom and Reganid being unconscious from the confrontation, which meant that Hajime would have to stay in Fuhren until they awoke, much to Hajime's annoyance. Dott wanted to see Hajime's status and those of his companions to verify their identity, which became problematic only Hajime possessed one since he did not want their stats revealed to the public. It was then that Yue remind Hajime to show Dott a letter her got from Brooke Town's guild receptionist Catherine Walker that she gave him to be shown if even he was in trouble with the guild. After reading the letter, Dott immediately had his attendants escort Hajime and the others to meet with branch chief Ilwa Chang.

Dott was present when Ilwa requested Hajime to rescue Will Cudeta after he went missing while exploring with a group of adventurers at his recommendation. Hajime agreed in exchange for Ilwa to issue status plates for his companions and to grant him access to all of the guild's connections, to which Ilwa agreed. As Hajime and the others left the guild, Dott was concerned that Ilwa accepted Hajime's terms and advised him to be careful with whatever trouble that Hajime might be involved with.

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