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Freid Bagwa (LN)

Freid Bagwa, Grand Commander of the Demon Army.

Demons (魔人族まじんぞく, Majin-zoku?) are one of the primary races that reside in Tortus.

Description Edit

The least populous race in comparison to Humans or Beastmen. Demons reside in their nation Garland, which is located in the southern half of the continent. In comparison to humans, demons have a far higher magical affinity, as they are able to cast spells with much shorter incantations and smaller magic circles in comparison to humans evening out the disparity created by the demons low population numbers. The average demon lifespan is 120 years. Demons Stats can range between 300 to 600.

Each demon citizen is capable of using magic adeptly and are fervent in their beliefs. Demons look down on Humans due to worshiping a different god and the demons inherent belief that they are the most superior race in Tortus. Demons, like Humans also discriminate against beastmen due to considering them abominations. Most Demons reside in the Demon Kingdom of Garland and are lead by the Demon Lord.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Magical Abilities Edit

  • Immense Mana- Due to their natural magical aptitude, Demons have a above average mana capacity, surpassing most other races on Tortus with the exception of Vampires and Dragonmen and human/monster hybrids.
  • Skilled Magic User - Due to their high magical aptitude, Demons can invoke magic at a faster rate then any other race and their magical circles tend to be smaller and more compact while still retaining their strength.

Members Edit

"Zero" Timeline Edit

"Main Series Timeline Edit

  • Freid Bagwa (General; Deceased)
  • Davros (Captain; Deceased)
  • Celeka (Vice-Captain; Deceased)
  • Cattleya (Deceased)
  • Mikhail (Deceased)
  • Reiss
  • Balen (Deceased)
  • Divoff (Deceased)
  • Fidra (Deceased)
  • Heather (Deceased)
  • Kramer (Deceased)
  • Logan
  • Many demons soldiers (100,000 killed by Hajime Nagumo)
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