Davy Consman (デイビー・コンスマン, Deibī Konsuman?) was a character from the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

He was a member of the Liberators, as well as someone that became a huge influence towards Miledi Reisen that would lead her to want to change the world.

Appearance Edit

Davy is a young man with black hair.

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Davy desires for a world that was free for people to be happy, which was why he joined the Liberators. He is not afraid to express his hated at those that would oppress others, even at the cost of his life.

Biography Edit

Davy grew up in the outlaw city of Andika before joining the Liberators organization that was dedicated to opposing the world's oppressive god.

Two years after joining the Liberators, Davy was caught by the Holy Church’s inquisitors due to knocking out a priest to protect a child. After being thoroughly tortured, he had been sent to Reisen Gorge to be executed. Before his death, Davy was approached by his executioner, Miledi Reisen, and attempted to get him to reveal the identity of his comrades by acting like a curious child. Davy, however, responded by expressing his pity towards Miledi and that the world had become so horrible to a point where children like her were incapable of smiling. Davy refused to answer Miledi's questions, and used the last of his strength to express his belief that the world would become free from oppression before willingly jumping off the gorge and falling to his death.

Relations Edit

  • Miledi Reisen - Though they only interacted briefly before his death, Davy had a strong influence on Miledi and had helped set her down the path to free the world from the gods that ruled over them.

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  • (Davy's last words to Miledi Reisen): "Hey, little girl. Don’t you want to live your life smiling?"[1]

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