Daisuke Hiyama (やまだいすけ, Hiyama Daisuke?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

He was one of the students from Japan who got involved in the summoning incident, and ended up in Tortus along with his other classmates. He was friends with Reichi Kondou, Yoshiki Saitou & Shinji Nakano; and was the leader of the gang who regularly used to torment Hajime Nagumo and made his life miserable in school. He was also the one who caused Hajime's fall in the Orcus Labyrinth, and later joined Eri Nakamura to betray his classmate, all in order to claim Kaori Shirasaki for himself.

He was killed during the 'Demon Invasion on Heiligh Kingdom', after he was severely injured by Hajime in retaliation for killing Kaori and then half-eaten alive by the monsters belonging to the invading Demon Army.


He was the leader of the pack of bullies that constantly harassed Hajime, even after crossing into another world, He only saw Hajime as incompetent. The harassment became worse after crossing worlds and discovering that he had better stats than Hajime, beating him during training and passing it off as him helping him train; since nobody else would.

During the classmates' exclusion into the Great Orcus Labyrinth, a giant glanz crystal was discovered on the 20th floor. Daisuke tried to take it in an attempt to impress Kaori, but it turned out to be a trap that transported everyone to the 65th floor. They soon found themselves on a stone bridge and trapped between a behemoth and and army of traum soldiers. He launched a fireball spell at Hajime while was everyone was bombarding the behemoth with magic and caused him to fall off the bridge into his apparent death. He had convinced himself that nobody had seen him shoot it towards Hajime; later blackmailed by Eri who had saw him commit the attempted murder, she manipulated him as she understood the reasoning behind his heinous attack towards Hajime.

After it was revealed that Hajime was still alive, he completely denied it until he saw Kaori cling to him leaving him desperate. His desperation grew when Kaori decided to join Hajime's group. He desperately begs her not to leave, but was unable to convince her otherwise. This in return leads to him begging Hajime for forgiveness in hopes that he and his group would join his. Hajime denied his request by subtly dropping hints that he knew that Daisuke tried to kill him the day they got separated. This left him in shock as Hajime and the others left. Daisuke has a complete breakdown that night over not only failing to kill Hajime but also losing Kaori, but Eri reassured him that it was not the end and that he could easily get her back.

Daisuke later took part in killing the kingdom's knights, including being involved in the death of Knight Commander Meld Loggins, during the war between the kingdom and the Demon-Race. When the demons invaded the kingdom, all of the students discovered that Eri and Daisuke were traitors when Eri commanded her army of undead knights to subdue her classmates. Unfortunately, Daisuke's betrayal was not discovered until he murdered Kaori by stabbing her heart; this was in order to allow Eri to make her into a puppet for his lust towards her.

He was brutally beaten by Hajime, having almost all his bones broken, later being thrown to demonic beasts and left to die.


Daisuke is young man with with long brown hair, and has an arrogant expression on his face.


First started directing his bullying towards Hajime, surely to be noticed by his crush, Kaori. After being teleported to Tortus and becoming a cheat with decent statistics, his arrogance and ego rises to a great extent and continues to do acts of bullying towards Hajime to the point of using violence. At one occasion it comes to the point of trying to kill Hajime on the bridge. Later on he is being blackmailed by a fellow classmate in order to obtain Kaori and have her all to himself by manipulating his classmates and going so far as to carry out his classmate's every order to have her, looking obsessed.

After it was revealed that Hajime was still alive, Daisuke begins to feel scared that his plan will be exposed, so he becomes desperate in having Hajime forgive him. After Hajime reveals that he knows that he tried to kill him, he becomes afraid and later enraged that the once weak-willed Hajime not only has become more ruthless than ever but also that he lost Kaori in the process.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Longsword - his main weapon since being summoned to Tortus.

Powers & Abilities


  • Language Comprehension - a base skill granted to all those who got summoned. It gives the user the ability to understand any language and be proficient in it.


  • Hajime Nagumo - Daisuke hated the fact that Kaori was interested in Hajime then him so he decided to Hajime's life as miserable as possible, alongside his three other friends. This would later escalate to physical violence after they were transferred to Tortus. It would escalate to attempted murder after he saw Kaori coming out of Hajime's room one night. Later, after finding out Hajime had survived the fall. He begins to feel scared and intimidated that his plan will be exposed and witnessing Hajime's inhuman strength. When Kaori decided to travel with Hajime, He became desperate along with his gang pleaded Hajime to rejoin them while saying sorry for what they did in in the past but the in response Hajime give him hints that he knows what happened causing Hiyama to back off in order to stay alive. Later on, after Daisuke killed Kaori and Eri's attempted "Bind Soul" failed on her, because of Hajime's arrival, Daisuke becomes mad and starts badmouthing Hajime for his failure to make Kaori's his, but it only enraged Hajime even more than before as Hajime beat him senseless and threw him into a group of demons where he was then left for dead.
  • Kaori Shirasaki : the target of his obsessive one sided crush. He is shown to be deeply in love with Kaori to the point where he would follow the order of one of his classmates who was blackmailing him if it would get him closer to Kaori. He is even willing to accept an offer from the demon Cattleya if it meant that he and Kaori were the only ones to survive.
  • Reichi Kondou, Yoshiki Saitou & Shinji Nakano - his three closest friends and partners in crime. Alongside them he would bully Hajime as much as possible mostly because they like Kaori as well.
  • Eri Nakamura - one of his fellow classmates and his fellow traitor. After she discovers that Hiyama was the one who discovered that he (almost) killed Hajime she uses this knowledge to blackmail him into working with her.
  • Other Classmates - most of the other classmates ignore Daisuke bullying Hajime. After Hajime's alleged death, they show their animosity towards him since it was his actions that transported them to the labyrinth floor where it took place.


  • Daisuke is the fourth member of his class to be killed, but the only one to be killed by either the demons or their monsters (Hajime knocked him towards a group of approaching monsters).
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