Currency (つう, Tsūka)?) is a system of money in common use, especially for people in a nation, to be exchanged for goods and services.

Overview Edit

Luta (Manga)

Luta, Tortus' primary currency.

The currency used in the northern part of the world is called "Luta" (ルタ, Ruta?) and consists of coins made of different metals, each one having different worth.

Worth Edit

Worth Color
1 Blue
5 Red
10 Yellow
50 Purple
100 Green
500 White
1000 Black
5000 Silver
10000 Gold

Trivia Edit

  • The denominations of luta are the same as Japan's currency.[1]
  • The ranking system that the Adventurer's Guild uses is based on the different colors of luta, with blue being the lowest and gold being the highest.

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