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Claudia Barenberg (クラウディア・バレンバーグ, Kuraudia Barenbāgu?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou After Story" series.

She is a nun that works for the Vatican and a member of its secret organization "Omnibus".


Claudia is a beautiful young woman with wavy blonde hair and jade-green eyes. She has a very voluptuous body, possessing both large breasts and rear, yet has a narrow waist and slender legs.


Claudia is quite clumsy.


Claudia grew up is a small suburb in Europe. When she was nine years old, she was tricked into summoning a Demon by her father's best friend by claiming that it would summon an angel for her father's birthday. This was in order for him to kill Claudia's father and be together with her mother. The entity that was summoned during Claudia's father's birthday killed him, but he also killed his friend and Claudia's mother. He intended to possess Claudia in order for her to give birth to him in her world, but he was repelled by exorcists that suddenly arrived at her house and was sent back to Hell.


  • Kousuke Endou - Claudia falls in love with Kousuke while they fight against the Unknown. She is one of the few people that is able to perceive Kousuke at all times. Kousuke is reluctant at first, but eventually comes to terms with his feelings for Claudia after confronting Yaya no Hidzuki over her desire to have him to herself.
  • Patrick Dime - Patrick cares very much for Claudia and considers her to be like a daughter to him.
  • Maya Coloca - Claudia loves Maya and sees her as a mother-figure.
  • Wynn Keyman - As one of Claudia's guards, Wynn cares very much for her.
  • Anna Folk - As one of Claudia's guards, Anna cares very much for her.
  • Aziz Stein - Claudia and Aziz have a sibling-like relationship.
  • Lana Haulia - Lana acknowledges Claudia as one of Kousuke's fiancées.
  • Emily Grant - Claudia and Emily have developed a rivalry over Kousuke.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Key of Holy Cross - a two meter tall cross that is the most powerful of Sacred Vessels against the demons of Hell.

Powers & Abilities

  • Magic Affinity - As someone who is of a rare bloodline, Claudia is capable of using magic and can use the powers the Sacred Vassals.