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Catherine Walker (キャサリン・ウォーカー, Kyasarin Wuōkā?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

She is the receptionist of an Adventurer's Guild in the town of Brooke.


Catherine Walker (Manga - Young)

Catherine in her younger days.

Catherine is a middle-aged woman with a large, but well-built figure.

According to Ilwa Chang, Catherine was known for her unparalleled beauty in her younger days.

After relocating to the Heiligh Kingdom to aid in the capital's reconstruction, Catherine's appearance changes dramatically. She is more youthful and slimmer to the point that almost anyone looking at both versions would consider them two different people.


Catherine is a kind woman that likes to assist those in need. Although she does have a mischievous side to her and likes to joke around at times. She is also the voice of reason in Brooke since the whole town erupts into a frenzy and obsessively worships Hajime after she leaves for the capital.


Catherine was the former chief secretary of the Adventurer's Guild main branch in the Heiligh Kingdom. She later became a guild instructor, in which more than half of all the branch chiefs learned their trades from her. She eventually ended up getting married and transferred to the branch in Brooke Town. Her sudden marriage announcement very sudden that it brought a great shock in the whole capital.

Catherine first met Hajime Nagumo when he arrived at Brooke in order to resupply for his journey and to sell some off some items. Catherine could tell that Hajime had expected to meet a beautiful young female guild receptionist and started to jokingly lecture him. Hajime then proceeded to sell his items to Catherine. He decided to register as an adventurer after learning from her that he could make more money off of his items if he became one. When Hajime finally got around to his initial goal, Catherine was surprised to see the rare assortment of items that Hajime wanted to sell. She suggested that he sell them at a larger branch since he could earn more money for them there, but Hajime was content for what he could earn for them currently. After Hajime sold his items, Catherine also gave Hajime one of her hand-drawn maps of Brooke and suggested that he find a decent inn for his female companions.

After Hajime and the others successfully completed the Great Reisen Labyrinth, they returned back to Brooke on order to rest up for their journey. Catherine provided Hajime a free room in the Adventurer's Guild building so that he could secretly practice the Ancient Magic he acquired from the Labyrinth in peace. When he and his companions were ready to leave Brooke, they came to say goodbye to Catherine and to ask if there were any guild quests that would take them to the Independent Merchant Republic of Fuhren. Catherine offered Hajime a quest to escort a merchant convoy that was heading to Fuhren as well, to which Hajime accepted. As a final good gesture, Catherine gave Hajime a letter and told him to present it if he ever got into trouble with the guild.

Catherine eventually moved back to the Heiligh Kingdom capital temporarily in order to help with its reconstruction after the battle against Ehit. She once again met up with Hajime at the capital's Adventurer's Guild while he was visiting Tortus with his family for a holiday vacation. Hajime didn't recognize her at first due to her being a lot slimmer from helping to rebuild the kingdom, but was soon surprised at how much she changed after realizing who she was.


  • Adam Walker - Her husband and the mayor of Brooke Town. Adam deeply misses Catherine after she goes to the capital to aid in the reconstruction effort.
  • Ilwa Chang - Ilwa was trained by Catherine during his days as an adventurer and respects her very much.
  • Hajime Nagumo - Catherine takes a liking to Hajime and offers her support when dealing with the Adventurer's Guild. Hajime is very impressed with Catherine's skills and considers her to be the most rational person in Brooke Town.

Powers & Abilities

  • Map Making - Catherine is able to draw quality maps that even managed to impress Hajime.
  • Expert Management - Catherine has earned a reputation as an excellent secretary and instructor in the Adventurer's Guild. She is also considered to be the only one in Brooke Town that is able to keep it citizens from getting into trouble.
  • Expert Appraiser - Catherine is able to appraise items with great accuracy.




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