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Belta Lievre (ベルタ・リエーブル, Beruta Riēburu?) is a character of from "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

She is an Atavist who used to work under the Holy Church, but after learning about the true nature of "Ehit", she abandons her work and joins "Liberators". Under the alias of Belle (ベル, Beru?), she infiltrated the "Reisen" family as a Maid, and becomes the reason behind Miledi Reisen's change and eventually becoming a "Liberator".

Appearance Edit

Belta is a beautiful young woman with long red hair.

Personality Edit

As a child Belta was an emotionless, expressionless, and taciturn girl. She was a firm believer of the Holy Church and would carry out her duties without reservation. Belta's faith in the church, however, disappeared after learning of Ehit's true nature before her first death. She is then devoted to creating a world that is free from thee gods. She also develops a much more carefree personality while in private and tends to tease those that she is close too. This would later serve as the basis for Miledi Reisen personality change after she acts out so much while in her presence.

Biography Edit

Belta belonged to the "Lievre" family who were Archbishops for the "Holy Church" for many generations. Because she herself was a 'Atavist', she eventually reached the position of "Divine Priestess" which is the highest ranked position in the Church and who directly received revelation from Ehit.

Similar to Miledi, she also followed her appointed duty as she was told to do. She saw how tons of people who could change their own fate and achieve happiness, were deprived from their future which got distorted because of the doctrines of the Church. Even after looking at all the unhappiness around her, Belta still believed in Ehit and his will. But all that changed, when she accidentally ended up seeing the fate of a person in the Church's robes because of her unique magic.

Belta's prayer and Ehit's smirk

Belta's prayer and Ehit's smirk

Rather, it was she couldn't see that person's future. All she could see was darkness as if that person wasn't a human at all. This terrified her too much and she prayed in fear of it. At that moment she received a revelation from Ehit, who says that she had seen too much. Hearing this confused her, but the next moment when she returned to her senses, she finds a shortsword sticking out if her chest. As she was losing her consciousnesses because of the bleeding, she asked Ehit, "Why?". Ehit replies to her saying that he is free to do what he wants with his toys; at this point she loses her consciousnesses.

But later on she finds herself still alive and covered in a rag behind a dark ally. She didn't know how she was saved from being dead, nor the person who saved her. But she did remember hearing the kind voice of a man telling her to run away. From that day onward, she lived as an orphan, having lost her unique magic and most of her regular magic skills, she slowly started gathering comrades to fight against the unfair world and Ehit. This laid foundation for the "Liberators".

Belta final moment with young Miledi

Belta's final moment with young Miledi

Some time later, she infiltrated the "Reisen" family as a Maid, in order to rescue her captive comrades and other prisoners. She comes in contact with Miledi in there, and slowly starts to change her. This eventually leads to her capture by the head of the "Reisen" family Colt Reisen, who eventually throws her into the Reisen Gorge for execution. Miledi dives in the gorge to rescue her, but is late in doing so as the monsters had already started feasting on her. Miledi kills the monsters around and tries to heal her but to no avail. Before her death, Belta ask Miledi to work together with others and also be a person who is free to do whatever they wish to, without being tied down, or being used as toys by others.

Relationships Edit

  • Miledi Reisen - Belta considers Miledi as her little sister, and also helps Miledi open up and be free from her binds. Before her execution, she informs Miledi of her life story, and also informs her about the true nature of Ehit.

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  • Mana Manipulation - being an Atavist, she can manipulate mana directly without the need of any magic circle or spell.
  • Divination Magic - a unique magic, which allows the user to view the possible paths of a person's future which they can go down to. After her resurrection by unknown means, she loses this magic.

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