Balse Laputa (バルス・ラプタ, Barusu Raputa?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

He is the guild master of the Adventurer's Guild in the Heiligh Kingdom capital.


Balse is an older man with an impressive physique. He has shrewd eyes and a long beard.



Balse has developed enough of a reputation in Adventurer's Guild that his name alone could strike fear into the hearts of others.

After the Heiligh Kingdom was attacked by demons, Hajime Nagumo reported to the Adventurer's Guild that was located their in order to confirm to them that he had successfully completed his objective of returning the young dagon Myu to her mother. The guild receptionist told him that Balse wished to meet him after seeing his name on his status plate. Balse then arrived soon after and explained to Hajime that he simply wished to meet him in person after learning about all that he accomplished since becoming an adventurer. It was then that a gold-ranked adventurer named Abel arrived at the guild and arrogantly asked about Hajime since Balse was interested in him. Balse watched the unpleasant interaction that Hajime had with Abel, while facially expressing his dislike for the gold-ranked adventurer.


  • Hajime Nagumo - Baise is eager to meet Hajime after learning about all of his exploits.
  • Abel - Baise is well acquainted with Abel due to his status as a gold-ranked adventurer. He does not believe that Abel is worthy of having the highest rank.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Communications Artifact - Balse, as well as all of the branch chiefs from all the big guilds, are in possession of an Artifact that allows them to communicate with one-and-other over great distances.

Powers & Abilities




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