Atavist (せんがえ, Senzogaeri?) are believed to be 'Descendant of the Gods', and is a term used for people who have the ability to either directly manipulate their own Mana, or can use any Spell without the need for any magical formation. In many cases, an Atavist may also be able to use a special or unique Magic or Skill, which exists outside the normal system.

During the "Main Series" timeline, not many Atavist exists; but during the "Zero" timeline, a lot of them existed.

Known Atavists Edit

"Main Series" timeline Edit

  • Yue - ability to manipulate Mana directly, affinity to All Elements and special Skill "Automatic Regeneration"
  • Shea Haulia - ability to manipulate Mana directly, and special Skill "Future Sight"

"Zero" timeline Edit

Trivia Edit

  • While Hajime Nagumo clears the requirements to be considered as a Atavist, but its still not clear. As the powers he got isn't achieved through normal means of being something like a dormant bloodline power (but rather by an unorthodox way of consuming monsters and surviving the physical breakdown), and the fact that he isn't an original being from Tortus.
  • The situation with the Dragonman is also not clear, since rather than a normal race, they have a biology which is said to be more similar to a monster, than a different race.
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