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An "Artifact" (アーティファクト, Ātifakuto?) is a magical tool with a powerful effects applied to it. The effects can range from simple power-boost or increased sturdiness of an object, to the ability to cast even some of the most complex and powerful spells in existence. They are also extremely versatile tools, which could even have the effect any kind of Magic or Spell applied on them. Because of all this unique and powerful abilities, any Artifact of any kind is practically considered a national treasure.

As per the recorded history of Tortus, only two people in the previous and current era have been known to be able to create an Artifact: Oscar Orcus and Hajime Nagumo.


The actual origin of "Artifact" and "Creation Magic" is unknown, but they are hinted to have originated in another world, which got destroyed because of over-technological advancement. And this knowledge was brought to Tortus by the god Ehit and his surviving comrades, who were residents of that other world that managed to escape their when it was dying.

As per the legends in Tortus, Artifacts were created by the Gods and people who belonged to their bloodline. The knowledge of "Creation Magic" is extremely hard to achieve, or is rarely passed through the bloodline, much like the other forms of the "Ancient Magic", so production of an Artifact is extremely rare, and they are hard to be reproduced by modern means, without the aid of "Creation Magic".


In order to create an Artifact, one needs to be able to use "Creation Magic", one of the "Ancient Magic" belonging to the "Age of God". This branch of Ancient Magic gives the ability to 'interfere with any inorganic material', allowing one to change the shape and structure of any non-organic material as they want to, and also apply various affects on them, or enchant them with various forms of Spells. People with the "Job" class of "Synergist" have the highest affinity with "Creation Magic", thus have the best ability at creating an Artifact.

There are also other types of tools with magical properties, but not all of them can be considered. One reason being the level of magical enchantment placed on each item. Only those with a great enough enchanted abilities can be classified as an Artifact. In addition, many magical tools are empowered by a Mana Crystal, while an Artifacts' enhancement are cast on the material itself.

List of Artifacts

Unknown Origin

Holy Church

Holy Church - Main Cathedral Divine Mountain.png
  • Holy Church Main Cathedral (せいきょうきょうかいだいせいどう, Seikyō Kyōkai Daiseidō?):
    An Artifact that belonged to the Holy Church. It is their main cathedral that rested on top of the Divine Mountain beside the Heiligh Kingdom. It is capable of generating a strong barrier around itself.
Divine Arbiter (Manga - Zero).png
  • Divine Arbiter (ひじりつち, Hijiri Tsuchi?):
    A mace Artifact which was the strongest Artifact that the Holy Church was in possession of. It was known as one of the seven holy artifacts. It possesses great strength, magic reflection properties, the ability to control its own weight as well the ability to unleash Mana shockwaves when it strikes.
  • Divine Bow (ひじりゆみ, Hijiri Yumi?):
    A bow Artifact that the Holy Church was in possession of. It was known as one of the seven holy artifacts. It allowed the user to create arrows of any element and imbue them with all sorts of special effects. On top of that, the arrows would split mid-flight and chase their target for eternity. The bow also strengthened the user’s base stats and upped their perception abilities as well, including giving them the "Farsight" skill.
  • Divine Spear Longinus (ひじりやり やりロンギヌス, Hijiri Yari Ronginusu?):
    A spear Artifact that the Holy Church was in possession of. It was known as one of the seven holy artifacts.

Heiligh Kingdom

Heiligh Kingdom Barrier Artifact (Nichijou).png
  • Unnamed Barrier Artifact:
    An Artifact that resided in the Heiligh Kingdom for centuries. It was a cylindrical pillar that stood two meters tall and had magic circles engraved on its sides. It was able to erect three separate barriers around the entire capital. Each successive layer was smaller, but also more powerful. The kingdom's magicians would constantly pour Mana into it in order to maintain them. It was actually enchanted with Spatial Magic, which explained why the barriers it produced were especially strong.
  • Divine Armor (しんせいよろい, Shinseina Yoroi?):
    The strongest armor Artifact in Heiligh Kingdom. It is a set of nigh-impregnable western-style holy armor that increases the defensive capabilities of the wielder. It is later enhanced by Hajime to absorb Mana from its surroundings and lessen its wearer's Mana consumption. It also has ability to form a veil of light to be used as a barrier.
White Staff (Anime).png
  • White Staff:
    An Artifact from the Heiligh Kingdom that was given to Kaori Shirasaki. It improves the user's healing magic.
  • Knight's Sword:
    An Artifact from the Heiligh Kingdom that was given to Shizuku Yaegashi. Its edge was magically sharpened, and it increased the speed of the user's draw. It was broken during her battle against Cattleya.
Twin Gauntlets (Anime).png
  • Twin Gauntlets:
    A pair of gauntlets from the Heiligh Kingdom that were given to Ryutarou Sakagami. They had the power to produce shockwaves when used for combat. They were later enhanced by Hajime to oscillate at a very high frequency, thus multiplying their destructive power. Thy were also enchanted with Ancient Magic to perform a variety of attacks.
Bracelets (Anime).png
  • Bracelets:
    A pair of bracelets from the Heiligh Kingdom that were given to Suzu Taniguchi. They were able to strengthen barrier magic. They were destroyed after Hajime tried to enhance them with new abilities.
  • Dark Staff:
    An Artifact from the Heiligh Kingdom that was given to Yukitoshi Shimizu that could better channel dark magic. It was destroyed by Hajime while he pursues Yukitoshi.
Throwing Knives (Anime).png
  • Throwing Knives:
    A set of 12 knives from the Heiligh Kingdom that were given to Yuka Sonobe. They can float mid-air and can be called back as long as one is still held by the thrower. They can also be wrapped in a wreath of flames.
  • Twin Scimitars:
    A pair of swords from the Heiligh Kingdom that were given to Atsushi Tamai. They can shoot blades of wind.
  • Whip:
    An Artifact from the Heiligh Kingdom that was given to Taeko Sugawara. It is retractable and can generate electricity.
  • Princess’s Tiara (王女おうじょのティアラ, Ōjo no Tiara?):
    A cursed Artifact that belonged to the Heiligh Kingdom. It was initially thought to give its wearer eternal youth, but it actually only created the illusion of them looking youthful while constantly draining them of their vitality.

Dukedom of Ankaji

  • Judgment of Truth (真意しんい裁断さいだん, Shin'i no Saidan?):
    An Artifact that creates a powerful barrier around Ankaji, while still allowing things essential for life to pass through, such as air and water. Its user decided what could and couldn’t pass through it. Not only that, it could be used as a sensor. What it was set to detect was up to its wielder. As it incorporated dark magic into its design, It could even be set to react to certain thoughts.

Igdol Empire

  • Ignis (けんイグニス, Maken Igunisu?):
    A sword that is capable of cutting down any spell.
  • Void Ring:
    A ring that allowed the wearer to manipulate their shadow.


Andika (Manga - Zero).png
  • Andika (アンディカ?):
    A floating island that once sealed a gigantic monster know as the "Divine Beast Leviathan".
Ehit's Eye (Manga).png
  • Ehit's Eye (かみ, 「Kami no Me」?, Literally meaning "God's Eye"):
    An Artifact of unknown origin. It was discovered in the 65th floor of the mines underneath the city of Velnika (during the "Zero" timeline), and its actual name isn't known.
    This artifact has the ability to hold the memories and skills of ancient masters and then transfer them to a new host. Because of its unique property, it is possible to transfer powerful skills and abilities from an ancient master, to any people, effectively making the one who receives the memories, masters themselves.
    But as the amount of information transferred is too high for the host to handle them easily, it can cause the one on whom its used to go berserk and mindless. Also, in-order to effectively execute and use the knowledge of the ancient master, the hosts has to push their bodies past their limits, since they lack the original strength of the ancient master. This results in the user baring a big burden on their body which effectively destroys them. Even with the forcibly increased healing abilities which helps heal and regenerate the user over and over. But as there is a physical limit to a persons body, the host don't last too long and it eventually leaves them dead and broken.
  • Egxess (ぐいたいれんエグゼス, Ma Guitai Ren Eguzesu?):
    A scythe Artifact that belonged to the Liberator Badd Virtus. It was capable of absorbing the Mana of any spell it touched and send that spell back at its caster. It was also capable of unleashing a barrage of Mana blades. Unfortunately, it required a large amount of Mana to be wielded, to the point where its user would have to fight for the rest of their life in order for it to absorb the Mana of its enemies, or else they would die from having their own Mana drained by it.
  • Status Plate (ステータス・プレート, Sutētasu Purēto?):
    It is an Artifact of unknown origin. Its main function is to take various parameters and quantifies them. It also lists out all the Skills that the owner can use. The Status Plate also doubles up as a Identification Cards, because of its unique feature of changing its color depending on the Mana Color of the owner, thus its difficult to fake them, or use someone else's. There is also a skill function, which allows the user to hide their stats and skills, for privacy purpose.
    In order to register to an "Status Plate", they have to get a new one, and apply their blood to the magic circle at the back. The plate would then change its color depending on the Mana Color of the user. In order to see the information, one has to say "Open Status" in order to activate it. Its possible to keep the plate in either activated or semi-activated mode.
    This Artifact is the only one which sees widespread usage, because the unnamed Artifact which can produce them still exists and works.

Created by the Sacred Kingdom Klystron

  • Eto Shin (エト・シン?):
    A living Artifact that was created to act as a sanctuary for the survivors of the Sacred Kingdom Klystron. Its being is comprised of millions of mineral particles that have been imbued with spatial magic in order to accommodate the thousands of people it has sworn to protect. It can alter its environment to suit whatever it feels will suit its host's the most. Inside its extra-dimensional space resides the core of its being.

Created by Uralt

Holy Sword (Anime).png
  • Holy Sword Uralt (せいけんウーア・アルト, Seiken Ūa Aruto?):
    An Artifact that was created from the Grand Tree Uralt by combining one of its roots with various minerals from its surroundings. It is a legendary weapon that was used by various heroes in the past, and was known as one of the seven holy artifacts while the Holy Church was in possession of it. It is blessed with the Light Magic element, which gave it the properties of simultaneously weakening enemies that were hit by the light it emitted, while also increasing one's own physical strength, along with the ability to return to its users hand on-command. It can change its shape into whatever type of sword its user wishes for. it also possess the ability to automatically return to its owner without their consent, when they move away from it for a certain distance or try to abandon it. It is actually possessed by the hero that the Grand Tree's first avatar "Uralt" summoned and it was originally created to defeat the mad god Ehit. After Ehit defeated Uralt, she used the last of her powers to seal her will inside of the sword.
  • Guardian Rod (しゅつえ, Shugo Tsue?):
    A 30 centimeter long Artifact that is a fusion of tree bark from the Grand Tree and various special crystals. It allows the user to freely control the Grand Tree, manipulate the forest’s mist, regenerate any damaged part of the forest, and create fertile soil that could bear crops regardless of the climate or season. The rod would choose its wielder, thus that person would become the leader of the beastmen republic.

Created by Oscar Orcus

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Created by Hajime Nagumo

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