Arifureta Gakuen

Arifureta Gakuen (ありふれた学園で世界最強, Arifureta Gakuen de Sekai Saikyō?), is a comedy spin-off by Misaki Mori, based around the characters of the main series. Its serialization began on Overlap's Comic Gardo website on April 24, 2020.

This series is based on the Bonus Short-Story "Arifureta Magic Academy" which was released along with the Light Novel adaptation.

Volumes Edit

'Arifureta Gakuen de Sekai Saikyō ①
ありふれた学園で世界最強 ①



Release Date (JP) October 25, 2020 (Overlap)
ISBN-13 (JP) ISBN 978-4-86554-768-9
Release Date (EN) TBA
ISBN-10 (EN)
ISBN-13 (EN)
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Non-Volume Chapters Edit

Chapters yet to be compiled into a Volume.

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