Episode 07
Kana ライセン大迷宮
Romaji Raisen Daimeikyū
Air Date (JP) August 26, 2019
English Title Great Reisen Labyrinth
Air Date (EN) August 26, 2019 (Sub)
September 9, 2019 (Dub)
Storyboard Masaharu Tomoda
Director Masaharu Tomoda
Animation dir. Hideaki Hirayama
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"Great Reisen Labyrinth" (ライセン大迷宮, Raisen Daimeikyū?) is the seventh episode of the anime adaptation. It aired in Japan on August 26, 2019.

Summary Edit

Hajime, Yue, and Shea are looking for the labyrinth in Reisen Gorge. Shea finds it when she goes to look for a private area to do her business. The cutesy voice of Miledi Reisen greets them when they enter it, bewildering the group. Shea trips and activates a trap that almost kills her. Unlike the first labyrinth, this one is filled with traps. Shea's ridiculous body-reinforcement magic ends up being extremely useful here, where external magic is reduced. After navigating a bunch of different trap rooms, all the while being taunted by Miledi's voice, the group ends up back at the starting area, much to their chagrin.

Back in Heiligh Kingdom, the class members that have not joined Kouki Amanogawa's party debate about their uselessness. Yuka makes up her mind to join Kouki's group, and leaves the rest of the class to lounge around the castle.

After cutting back to Hajime's group, they seem to have finally navigated to the doorway to the final room of the Reisen Labyrinth. Activating the room sends an army of autonomous armored suits after them. They easily make it through to the final room and come face-to-face with a construct that claims to be the real Miledi Reisen. Battle ensues after Hajime explains his goals. In the end, Shea deals the final blow. Miledi leaves them with a final warning about the gods of Tortus, stating that they will get in Hajime's way. The group departs for Miledi's chambers, where they meet.... Miledi in a much more harmless form. The Ancient Magic that Miledi governs turns out to be Gravity Magic. She kicks them out with a trap. Shea faints when she comes face to Riiman. Hajime resuscitates Shea when they get on the surface, which Shea promptly takes advantage of to kiss Hajime aggressively. Hajime forcibly removes Shea and they head to town to find some proper lodgings.

Characters Edit

Characters in italics debuted here.

Types of Monsters Edit

  • Fishman

Locations Edit

Differences Edit

  • In the LN, Hajime, Yue, and Shea visit Brooke Town before entering the labyrinth.
  • In the LN, Hajime and the others fight a bunch of monsters in Reisen Gorge before the fight the labyrinth.
  • In the LN, Hajime and the others encounter the room of golems once before being lead back to the labyrinth's entrance.
  • In the LN, Noboru Aikawa and Akito Nimura are also present when Yuka declares her plan to accompany Aiko Hatayama.
  • In the LN, Atsushi Tamai yells at Nia due to thinking that she considers him and the other students cowards for not going back in the Great Orcus labyrinth after Hajime's supposed death. This is not shown in the Anime.
  • In the LN, Hajime blasts the doors open to the final boss room with his rocket launcher "Orkan". While in the Anime, Shea breaks the doors open with her warhammer "Drucken".
  • In the LN, before Hajime and the others meet Melidi's giant golem, one of the floating blocks comes crashing down on them, but they avoid it thanks to Shea pushing them out of the way after seeing it beforehand with her "Future Sight".
  • In the LN, Miledi reveals her true body immediately after her giant golem loses power. While in the Anime, she shows herself after Hajime and the others enter the room to obtain the ancient magic.
  • In the LN, Miledi reveals the locations of the other labyrinths to Hajime. She also reveals that Hajime needs all forms of Ancient Magic in order to make his dream come true of going back home.
  • In the LN, Miledi gives Hajime her valuables through her Treasure Trove ring. While in the Anime, Hajime shakes them out of Miledi's body.
    • Furthermore, in the LN, Hajime demands Miledi to give him her Treasure Trove ring before she forcible flushes him and the other's away.
  • In the LN, Hajime throws a grenade at Miledi just before he is flushed away.
  • In the LN, Riiman uses telepathy to communicate with Shea. While in the Anime, he talks to her.
  • In the LN, Hajime asks Yue to give Shea CPR before doing it himself due to her being unfamiliar with the procedure.

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