Episode 06
Kana 残念なウサギ
Romaji Zan'nen'na Usagi
Air Date (JP) August 19, 2019
English Title Worthless Rabbit
Air Date (EN) August 19, 2019 (Sub)
September 2, 2019 (Dub)
Season Season 1
Opening FLARE
Ending Hajime no Uta
Storyboard Naoki Ōhira, Naoyuki Kuzuya
Director Kinji Yoshimoto
Animation dir. Kinji Yoshimoto, Hana Kamiki
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"Worthless Rabbit" (残念なウサギ, Zan'nen'na Usagi?) is the sixth episode of the anime adaptation. It aired in Japan on August 19, 2019.

This episode was initially going to air on August 12, but was postponed by a week for unknown reasons.

Summary Edit

Hajime and Yue finally emerge from the Orcus Labyrinth where they encounter a young rabbitman girl named Shea who for some strange reason had been waiting for them. She introduces herself as Shea Haulia and explains that she sought Hajime and Yue to help save her family who was forced to flee their home in the Haltina Sea of Trees.

Characters Edit

Characters in italics debuted here.

Locations Edit

Types of Monsters Edit

  • Diheadoar
  • Hyverias

Differences Edit

  • In the LN, Hajime and Yue encounter a bunch of monsters in Reisen Gorge before they encounter Shea.
  • In the LN, Hajime uses his Lightning Field on Shea in order to determine how much of his mana would dissipate while in Reisen Gorge.
  • In the LN, Hajime's motorcycle "Steiff" is black and has a quiet engine. While in the Anime, it's blue and has a loud engine.
  • Yue using the spell "Crystal Coffin" on Shea after she tries to hug Hajime in gratitude for agreeing to save her family does not occur in the LN.
  • In the LN, the Haulia Tribe is depicted as typically having dark blue hair. While in the Anime, they are seen with a wide assortment of hair colors.
  • Hajime killing the soldiers from the Hoelscher Empire is omitted in the Anime.
  • Hajime rescuing Par Haulia from monsters in the Sea of Trees is omitted in the Anime.
  • In the LN, Hajime and the others are confronted by tigermen. While in the Anime, they are bearmen.
  • Ulfric Heipyst's appearance is a lot older in the LN.
  • Hajime and Yue visiting the beastman nation "Verbergen" is omitted in the Anime.
  • The bearmen attempting to kill Hajime and the Haulia Tribe after visiting Verbergen is omitted in the Anime.
  • In the LN, the flashback of Shea and her mother is a dream that Shea has while she is in Brooke Town. While in the Anime, Shea recalls that memory before asking Hajime to join him in his journey.

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