Episode 05
Kana 反逆者の住処
Romaji Hangyakusha no Sumika
Air Date (JP) August 5, 2019
English Title The Maverick's Lair
Air Date (EN) August 5, 2019 (Sub)
???, 2019 (Dub)
Storyboard Naoyuki Kuzuya
Director Hiroyuki Tsuchiya
Animation dir. Ryōsuke Kimiya, Naoki Hiramura
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"The Maverick's Lair" (反逆者の住処, Hangyakusha no Sumika?) is the fifth episode of the anime adaptation. It aired in Japan on August 5, 2019.

Synopsis Edit

A rare oasis lies in the depths of the Labyrinth. There, Hajime and Yue come face-to-face with the specter of the labyrinth's namesake.

Summary Edit

Hajime awakens after his fight with the hydra and discovers Yue sleeping next to him. After waking her up (forcefully) he gets a explanation about what happened after he passed from his wounds.

At the same time a group of his classmates and the Kingdom's soldiers have arrived at the 65th Floor of the Orcus Labyrinth and encounter the same Behemoth they fought previously.

Characters Edit

Characters in italics debuted here.

Locations Edit

Types of Monsters Edit

  • Skeleton Soldiers
  • Behemoth

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