Episode 10
Kana 女神の剣
Romaji Megami no Ken
Air Date (JP) September 16, 2019
English Title The Goddess' Sword
Air Date (EN) September 16, 2019 (Sub)
???, 2019 (Dub)
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"The Goddess' Sword" (女神の剣, Megami no Ken?) is the tenth episode of the anime adaptation. It aired in Japan on September 16, 2019.

Summary Edit

Characters Edit

Characters in italics debuted here.

Locations Edit

  • Ur

Types of Monsters Edit

  • Various monsters
    • Four-eyed wolves

Differences Edit

  • Hajime driving everyone back to Ur, including Tio (whom he has strapped on the roof of Brize) is omitted in the Anime.
  • Will warning Ur's city officials about the monster army is omitted in the Anime.
  • In the LN, Aiko asks Hajime to save Ur while they are inside Ur city hall. While in the Anime, she asks him while they are outside near the lake.
  • In the LN, Hajime transmutes the giant wall by driving around Ur with his motorcycle Steiff. While in the Anime, he does it by hand.
  • Will telling Tio that he would forgive her for killing his comrades if she defends Ur from the monster army is omitted in the Anime.
  • In the LN, Yukitoshi hides behind his monster army. While in the Anime, he is seen leading them.
  • In the LN, Hajime has two gatling guns. While in the Anime, he only uses one.
  • The mana ring that Hajime lends to Tio does not disintegrate after it loses all its mana in the LN.
  • In the LN, just before heading out to kill the monster leaders, Hajime notes a change in Shea's attitude since she started traveling with him.
  • Hajime and Shea do not use Steiff while they charge against the monsters.
  • In the LN, Hajime saves Shea from the Four-eyed wolves by using his floating weapon "Cross Bits".
  • In the LN, Hajime brings Yukitoshi back to Aiko due to her requesting it before the battle.
  • In the LN, Reiss mortally wounds Yukitoshi by using the water spell "Rupture". While in the Anime, he hits him with a red beam of light.

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