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"Summoned to Another World" (異世界召喚, Isekai Shoukan?) is the first chapter of Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest (ありふれた職業で世界最強, Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō?) manga adaptation. It was released on March 25, 2016 on "Overlap:Comic Gardo" Online Publication.


In an unknown place, a group of talk about an oracle being giving and begin preparing for the arrival of the Hero.

Back in Japan, Hajime Nagumo arrives at his school just in time before the classes starts, and complains about the fact that its hard to get ready for it on a Monday morning. The reason for his lateness lies with his otaku nature and that he stayed up playing games until late night. Upon reaching the class, Hajime is greeted by Kaori Shirasaki, one of the most popular girl in the school, who always seems to try and initiate talk with him. Hajime awkwardly greets her back, because of the hateful reactions his classmates give him whenever Kaori talk to him, and hoped that she would stop talking to him. While he was trying to figure out Kaori's reasoning for interacting with him, her three friends Kouki Amanogawa, Ryutarou Sakagami and Shizuku Yaegashi arrive; with Kouki asking Kaori why she bothers with an otaku like him. He goes on to chide Hajime on how he is trying to take advantage of Kaori's kindness, by having her fawn over him. Kaori is surprised by his reaction, and just says that she wants to talk to Hajime. As the talk was going on, suddenly a weird glowing circle of some kind appears within the classroom. Everyone tries to flee the classroom, but don't make it out in time.

Next, the group of students find themselves in an unknown chamber, with a person in a white robe infront of them. The person introduces himself as Ishtar Langbard and welcomes the chosen Heroes to Tortus, and ask them to follow him for further talk. Upon settling down, Ishtar explains that Tortus is another world and that their god, Ehit had summoned them from their world to help the people of Tortus. He continues to explain about the Demons from the southern part of the continent who have been at war with the humans for years, but lately they seem to be acting odd and strange things have been happening, which they feel could lead the humans of Tortus to ruin. And in order to save them, Ehit had summoned warriors from other world who would act as heroes to save Tortus. Many of the students are skeptical about the whole thing, and believe that the whole situation is a big hoax from a reality show.

Upon hearing Ishtar talks, the first one to react is Aiko Hatayama, a teacher who along with the group of student also got summoned. She asks Ishtar to stop joking and end the prank, or else she would sue them for kidnapping them. Meanwhile, Eri Nakamura and Suzu Taniguchi cheer her on and tell her to teach them a lesson. Ishtar calmly asks them to join him outside to take a breather. While on the way outside, Kouki asks Ishtar about what other races inhabit that world, thinking that the whole situation is odd for a prank, and believes what Ishtar said might be true. Ishtar informs Kouki and the others that there are three main races in Tortus; Humans who rule the north, Demons who rule the south, and Demi-humans who inhabits the forest in the west. He also explains that the war between the humans and demons have been going around for hundred of years, though there haven't been any big clashes in recent years. But the demons have suddenly started using monsters in their force, which has turned the tide of wars against the humans.

As they were talking, they finally reach the gates to the outside, behind which the group sees a sea of mountains. The summoned ones finally understand that what Ishtar have been talking about was the truth all along, and are surprised. Seeing all this has shaken even Hajime, but he manages to ask Ishtar whether it was possible for them to return back to their world. The students also demand an answer for it as well. But Ishtar informs them that it's impossible for him to send them back, because he is just a human. The only one who can send them back is Ehit, and it's his decision whether they could return back or not.


Characters in italics debuted here.



  • In the LN and WN, the students are summoned during their lunch break, after Aiko's class has just ended (she was staying back for some of the students who came to her for help regarding the class earlier).


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