Arifureta Anime (2nd Key Visual)

An anime adaption for Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest (ありふれた職業で世界最強, Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō?) is currently being aired from 8th July 2019 onward.

The anime is being directed by "Kinji Yoshimoto" with character designs by "Chika Kojima", while the animation is being handled by the studios "White Fox" and "Asread".
In Japan, it would be broadcasted on "AT-X", "TOKYO MX", "サンテレビ", "BS11".

The adaptation has been licensed for English Simulcast and SimulDub by "Funimation".

Originally scheduled to start in April 2018, but it's release was pushed back to 2019 due to unknown reasons. It was initially supposed to be directed by "Jun Kamiya" and written by "Kazuyuki Fudeyasu", with character designs by "Atsuo Tobe" who also would have served as chief animation director, and animation was only going to be handled by "White Fox". But following the postponement, it was announced that both "Kazuyuki Fudeyasu" and "Atsuo Tobe" would be stepping down, and their work would be taken over by "Kinji Yoshimoto" and "Chika Kojima", with "Asread" studio joining in.

List of Episodes Edit

The series is listed for 13 episodes to be aired, while 2 bonus episodes would be included with the Blu-Ray release.

Episode No. Screenshot Title Air Date Blu-ray Box
01 EP01 The Monster of the Abyss
July 8, 2019 Blu-ray BOX ①
02 EP02 Pandora's Box
July 15, 2019
03 The Golden Vampire Princess
July 22, 2019
04 July 29, 2019
06 Blu-ray BOX ②
10 Blu-ray BOX ③

Blu-ray Bonus Edit

Episode No. Screenshot Title Blu-ray Box
Bonus ① Yue's Diary
( ユエの日記帳 )
Blu-ray BOX ②
Bonus ② Beginning of Love Hot Spring
( なれそめ温泉 )
Blu-ray BOX ③

Music Edit

The Opening Theme "FLARE" is going to be performed by "Void_Chords feat.LIO".

The Ending Theme "Hajime no Uta" is going to be performed by "DracoVirgo".

Casts Edit

Character Name Voice Actor (JP)
Hajime Nagumo Toshinari Fukamachi
Yue Yuuki Kuwahara
Shea Haulia Minami Takahashi
Kaori Shirasaki Saori Onishi
Tio Klarus Yoko Hikasa
Shizuku Yaegashi Yumiri Hanamori
Aiko Hatayama Ai Kakuma
Kouki Amanogawa Tetsuya Kakihara
Daisuke Hiyama Minoru Shiraishi
Ryutarou Sakagami Ryuichi Kijima
Meld Loggins Yasuhiro Mamiya
Ishtar Langbard Shouto Kashii
Eliheid S. B. Heiligh Masafumi Kimura
Knight A (EP01), Knight (EP02) Hiromichi Tezuka
Knight B (EP01) Yu Akiba
Student (EP01) Yu Sasahara

Staff Edit

Original Story Ryo Shirakome (Overlap Bunko)
Illustration Takaya-Ki
Character Design Chika Kojima
Director Kinji Yoshimoto
Series Composition Syoichi Sato, Kinji Yoshimoto
Music Ryo Takahashi
Animation Production Asread ⨯ White Fox

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