Noint Full Body (LN)

The Apostle Noint.

Apostles (使徒しと, Shito?) were an artificial race of beings that were created by the pseudo god Ehit. Their function is to monitor their creator's game board and ensure that all of the pieces (people) behave according the god's wishes.

However, they've went extinct following their defeat by Hajime and his party during the war against Ehit, but several of them had transferred their concisenesses into Hajime's "Arachnae" golems after he killed their creator.[1]

Physiology Edit

All of Ehit's Apostles are all designed to look like a beautiful woman with long silver hair. Their heart is a special crystal that gives them unlimited mana. They have no souls or emotions and are only focused on carrying out their master's commands. They are biologically immortal and can only be killed if their head or heart is destroyed.

Apostle Hybrids Edit

An Apostle hybrid is originally and individual of another race that has Apostle flesh imbued into their bodies under Ehit's supervision, thus being granted the physical abilities and skills of the Apostles. Apostle human hybrids hair color can change as a result of undergoing the transformation as was demonstrated by Freid Bagwa who lost his signature red hair which was transformed into white hair.

The individual retains any abilities that were bound to it's soul like abilities and Skills that were a result of the individual possessing a Job or unique magic like Ancient Magic. Their abilities are more powerful than normal mana blessed humans.

Powers & Abilities Edit

As they were created by the false god known as Ehit, the True Apostle's were granted a variety of physical enhancements and magic abilities to enable them to carry out Ehit's will and plans. They were the strongest race in Tortus, with their abilities surpassing those of Dragonmen and Vampires, two races that were feared due to their might.

Physical Abilities Edit

  • True Apostle Physiology - Due to being created by Ehit to be his enforcers, True Apostle's are imbued with abilities beyond those of normal humans and most living beings on Tortus including the summoned heroes that Ehit summoned to participate in his game. 
    • Immense Strength - True Apostle's possesses inhuman physical strength beyond what most humans or other races are capable off.
    • Immense Speed - True Apostle's can move so fast that they seem invisible to the naked eye. Their reflexives are equally fast.
    • Immense Durability - Due to not being living beings, True Apostle's can take large amounts of damage without being impaired. Only a fatal wound through their heart or head can kill them.
  • Master Swordswoman - True Apostle's swordsmanship is at superhuman levels. This is due to the fact that Ehit installed his sword skills directly into the Apostle's minds.

Magical Abilities Edit

  • Unlimited Mana Reserves - True Apostle's heart is a special mana crystal that gives them unlimited mana. It does not, however, provide unlimited stamina for them.
  • Magic Master - Due to their mana reserves and their "All Elemental Affinity" skill, True Apostle's can utilize all kinds of magic with great proficiency. Their mana reserves allow them to unleash advanced level spells with ease.

Skills Edit

  • Disintegration - A skill that can melt everything except someone or something with a defense similar to Hajime's "Diamond Skin".
  • All Elemental Affinity - A skill to use all kinds of magic.
  • Spell Mending - A skill to fuse any types of magic.
  • Mana Manipulation - A skill to directly manipulate mana and use spells without the need of a magic circle or an incantation.
  • Hypnotism - True Apostle's can use a special type of hypnotism magic via eye contact which amplified their victims's religious faith towards their master Ehit, which they used to brainwash the leaders of various nations throughout history, making them more religious than ever and subservient to their master's wishes. However, it only works on Ehit's worshippers.
  • Limit Break - A skill to go over one's limits; amplifying their power by three times one's basic stats, but this power comes with a rebound - once used the user will be heavily fatigued. Using it for long periods of time will damage the user's body.

Members Edit

  • Noint (Commander; Killed by Hajime Nagumo, but revived and now one of his subordinates)
  • Hearst (Killed by Shea Haulia, but revived and now one of Hajime's subordinates)
  • Ahat
  • At least 500 Apostles (Killed by Hajime and his party)

List of Apostle Hybrids Edit

  • Kaori Shirasaki - Revived by Hajime Nagumo inside of Noint's body and later returned to her original body with had undergone the Apostle transformation process with the help of Yue's divine powers.
  • Eri Nakamura - Underwent the Apostle transformation after she displayed her loyalty to Ehit and began serving him.
  • Freid Bagwa - Underwent the Apostle transformation after he displayed his loyalty to Ehit and began serving him.

Trivia Edit

  • Noint and Hearst were renamed "Netemp" and "Etemp".
  • Noint's body was kept for safekeeping, but was destroyed by Mother after Noint herself used it one last time. The body was luckily fixed by Hajime after the battle with Mother.

References Edit

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