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"Ancient Magic of the Age of Gods" (しんだい魔法まほう, Shindai Mahō?) is a group of seven powerful magical Skills that worked as the origin and basis for all existing magical concepts in Tortus. Each and every existing form of magic in Tortus is in some form a degraded version of these Ancient Magics. Each one of the seven magic’s govern over one core concept aspect of existence. Each of them could be granted to anyone that managed to conquer any of the seven Great Labyrinths of Tortus that were created by the seven members of the Liberators who were the original possessors of them.


The actual origin of "Ancient Magic" is unknown, but they are hinted to have originated and developed in a different world than Tortus, which got destroyed because of over-technological advancements. The knowledge of these "Ancient Magics" was brought to Tortus by the others survivors of that other world, including the self-styled god Ehit. Prior to the Liberators' revolt against Ehit, each form of ancient magic had always been in possession of one of seven individuals throughout the ages.[1]

Types of Ancient Magic

Creation Magic

Creation Magic (せいせい魔法まほう, Seisei Mahō?) grants the user control over any object, structure (be it physical or magical) or mineral, allowing the user to shape or transform them in anyway they wish. It is the only form of Magic which allows for the creation of an "Artifact". The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with any inorganic material'.

Gravity Magic

Gravity Magic (じゅうじゅう魔法まほう, Jūryoku Mahō?) gives the user control over gravity. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the energy of a star', and not just gravity. Theoretically, it could also interfere with things like earth veins or terrestrial heat, bedrock or magma; and it isn’t impossible to use this magic to purposefully generate an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Spatial Magic

Spatial Magic (くうかん魔法まほう, Kūkan Mahō?) allows the user to manipulate the space around themselves, allowing them to either bend or expand the space near them or move themselves to another space or location. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the boundary'. Meaning it can allow the user to manipulate anything, like elimination of race-creature gap, or formulating a new boundary to create the spirit world; its possible to achieve those kinds of things.

Restoration Magic

Restoration Magic (さいせい魔法まほう, Saisei Mahō?) allows the user to restore the state of anything to either its previous or original condition. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with time', meaning it has the ability to manipulate the time of anything, anyplace or anyone to a point the user desires to.

Spirit Magic

Spirit Magic (こんはく魔法まほう, Konpaku Mahō?) allows the user to manipulate the soul of a living being directly. It's possible to revive a living being back from the dead (time restriction applicable), or transfer the soul of a living being from one body to another, or even into a non-physical body as well, practically granting a living being immortality. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the negative material possessed by living things'. To be more specific, this magic could also interfere with things like energy inside the body such as mana, heat, electricity, then thought, consciousness, and memory. Those who have mastery over this magic, can even create an artificial consciousness, and allow it to inhabit any body they wish.

Evolution Magic

Evolution Magic (しょう魔法まほう, Shōka Mahō?) allows the user to enhance or evolve all other forms of power, be it strong or weak. It can even work on other "Ancient Magic" as well, boosting their power and scope. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the information of existing things'. This magic enhances or evolves an ability or power by a stage of 1, by interfering with the targets information, and then increasing it‘s stage one-by-one.

Metamorphosis Magic

Metamorphosis Magic (へんせい魔法まほう, Hensei Mahō?) allows the user to remake the form of a normal being and reform them into a different form. Normally its used to remake a normal organism and turn it into a monster, or even manipulate the magic stone of a monster and remake them. But the true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with any organic material'. Meaning not only animals, it's also possible to remake plants or intelligent beings, and reform their structure as needed. Even byproducts of organic material, like paper or food can also be manipulated by this magic. The magic stone which gets created during the process is just a byproduct of the process.

Concept Magic

Concept Magic (がいねん魔法まほう, Gainen Mahō?) is a form of "Ancient Magic Arts" which is a combination of many other ancient magics, the main ability of concept magic is that it allows one to interfere with the laws of the world and impress concepts upon it. By raising up a powerful wish or desire with Spirit Magic and Evolution Magic, it can be raised to a level of a concept before being forcefully materialized with magical power. However, since the user's desire at the time of use, is used as the base of the magic, to raise up and create the concept, the spell may not remain stable in subsequent uses, thus a single spell can only be used once under most circumstances. However if the desire is still needed, it can be used more than once, like in the case of Hajime's crystal key which had the concept of "I want to return home" in it, was destroyed by Ehit, he was still able to recreate the crystal key again because his desire of wanting to return home was still there. It should be noted however that concept magic requires the user to concentrate on raising up their wish in order to materialize the concept. Also, some concepts aren't possible to materialize by the user on their own, for example, Hajime could only make degraded versions of the crystal key without Yue.


Each person's ability to wield one or more of the Ancient Magics depends on their affinity. Some may work better than others for certain Job because of their nature. For example, Synergist can make best use of Creation Magic due to the fact that Skills revolve around craftsmanship. Those with high magical abilities are especially skilled with most forms of Ancient Magic and can make higher use of them. At the same time, those with low magical abilities will only be able to use them on themselves. For examples, Yue is skilled in all forms of magic and can greatly use every type of ancient magic except Creation magic as she cannot use transmute. The second example is Shea, who's magic skill is extremely low, so she can only apply it to herself. In addition, the closer an Ancient Magic spell is aligned to the fundamental nature of that Magic, the more difficult it is to wield it to the point where most regular people couldn't use it, regardless of their affinity.[2]