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Akari Fudo (どうあかり, Fudō Akari?) is a character from Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest.

She was Shizuku's rival in kendo before summoning incident.


Akari has an extremely muscular and overall fierce appearance despite being a teenage girl which gives others the impression that she is actually a man, rather than a young girl, and makes her seem much older than she really is.

After she was taken away by Crystabel, her appearance was greatly remodeled through some unknown means and her new appearance is that of a tall, beautiful young woman with a long hair in hime-style cut and impressive figure. An appearance that closely resembles that of a classic yamato nadeshiko.


Akari often acts aggressive to hide her insecurity with regards to her physical appearance. Contrary to her appearance, Akari was quite feminine and had the same interests as any typically high school girl, but was often ridiculed by other students.


Powers & Abilities

  • Master Swordswoman - Akari has practiced kendo for much of her life and had participated in many tournaments.


  • Shizuku Yaegashi - Akari and Shizuku used to compete against each other in kendo tournaments which cause Akari to develop an inferiority complex with Shizuku due to always losing to her.
  • Crystabel


  • The name Akari means "bright" (明).
  • Akari's surname Fudo means "immovable, immobility, firmness" (不動).


  • Akari's physical appearance and namesake is based on the Buddhist god, "Fudou Myo-ou". Also known as "Acala" or "The Immovable".
  • Akari have a very attractive voice that contrasts to her appearance.
  • Akari has a full-body costume of "Darth Vader", complete with a mask capable of the distinct breathing/rasping that the character is famous for.