Aisha (アイシャ?) is a character from the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

She is a waitress that works at her family's café in the Kingdom of Velka.

Appearance Edit

Aisha is a beautiful young woman with shoulder-length indigo hair.

Personality Edit

Aisha is a self-styled "maiden in love". She is very determined and will go any lengths to fulfil her objective (especially if it involves Oscar). She is also quick to jump to conclusions, regardless of how farfetched they may be.

Biography Edit

As a waitress, Aisha served many customers, including the Synergist Oscar, with whom she was attracted to. During one of Oscar's visits, he was accompanied by Miledi Reisen, to which Aisha believed that she was his new girlfriend after observing his casual attitude towards her.

Aisha was visited by Oscar before he left the kingdom to travel with Miledi in order to say goodbye to her (much to Aisha's dismay). Aisha gave him a present for Miledi, with whom she got to know while Oscar was saying his goodbyes to the rest of his associates, which turned out to be one of her maid outfits so that she could wear it as a way to make Oscar happy (due to his fetish for maids).[1]

Aisha became deeply distraught after Oscsr went on his journey, but decided to track him down with the aid of two adventurers named Failur and Scurdy, in order to support him from any loneliness that she perceived him to have. While on her travels, Aisha discovered her job as "Artist" when she drew posters of Oscar with such incredible detail. After months of searching, Aisha eventually learned about Oscar and Miledi's confrontation with bishop Agares Myurie of the Holy Church and how that would brand him a heretic. Even so, Aisha was not deterred by this revelation, and continued her search (much to Failur and Scurdy's dismay).

Aisha would eventually attempt to find Oscar at the island city of outlaws Andika. Unfortunately, she and her companions had no prior experience traveling the ocean and were stranded for days, as a result. After ten days on the water, Aisha and the others were picked up by the Melusine Pirates and took them to Andika (or rather the new land of outlaws due to the island having been sunk). Aisha learned about the pirate's relation with Oscar and also bothered Kyaty Cougan after finding out that Oscar saw her in a maid outfit.

Relationships Edit

  • Oscar Orcus - Aisha is deeply in love with Oscar to the point of proclaiming to be his wife.
  • Miledi Reisen - Aisha sees Miledi as a rival for Oscar's affections.
  • Scurdy - Scurdy is in love with Aisha, but she is uninterested due to her love for Oscar.
  • Kyaty Cougan - Aisha and Kyaty have somewhat of a rivalry due to their attraction to Oscar.

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References Edit

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