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Ahat (アハト, Ahato?) is a character who appears both in "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series as one of the main antagonists, and in "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" as a minor antagonist.

Being a true God's Apostle, she is not a living being, but rather more akin to a doll whose main job is to remove any unnecessary or unneeded pieces from her lords game board. Like many other Apostles, she works in the Holy Church as a nun.

Appearance Edit

Ahat is a beautiful woman with long silver hair and blue eyes with a monotonic expression.

She wears a combat outfit which consists of a white sleeveless dress which has metal plates covering both sides of her waist as well as a winged helmet on her head, gauntlets on her arms and greaves over her legs.

Personality Edit

Ahat is an expressionless woman, who is blunt to whomever she is speaking to.

She is highly intelligent of strengths as she analyzing her enemies' powers as she considered Hajime is far more powerful than expected.

Biography Edit

"Zero" Timeline Edit

Ahat had killed Ace, one of Baharl Devault's subordinates, and disguised herself as him to infiltrate his organization in Andika. Her objective was to watch over the situation, and upon Ehit's command, she abducted Diene Devault in order to use her "Renewal Magic" to release the seal on the "Divine Beast Leviathan" which had been sealed below Andika. In her attempts to abduct Diene, she ended up killing Kelvin and fatally wounding Baharl, who was later saved by Meiru Melusine. At the underground seal room inside the mine labyrinth of Andika, Meiru and Naiz confronted her, but she leaves during the chaos that started as Leviathan's seal was broken. Naiz immediately realized Ahat was actually an Apostle after seeing her enveloped in a veil of silver mana that reminded him of his previous fight with Hearst.

Later at the Holy Church's Main Cathedral, Templar Knight Commander Laus Barn came across Ahat, while stilled disguised as Ace, after he finished his audience with the pope with regards to how he and his forces were defeated by the Liberators at Andika. He initially mistook her as Ace, but after the clarification, she left without incident. Laus then began to shiver in fear after he sensed that Ahat didn't have a soul.

Soon after the Church's defeat at Andika, all of the high ranking members of the church were discussing on how to confront the Liberators. It was then that the pope arrived and was accompanied by Ahat, who was now using the alias "Ainz Arsalk", and explained that she was Ehit's oracle, much to everyone's shock. Ahat explained the importance of the members of the Liberators who were in possession of Ancient Magic, and also revealed to location of one of the last two individuals who were in possession of a form of Ancient Magic in the beastman nation, the Haltina Republic that was located in Pale Forest. This prompted to church to declare war with republic in order to capture the ancient magic user and align them over to Ehit's side.

After the Church declared war on the beastmen, they were drawn into a stalemate (even after conscripting the aid from the Odion Federation). When the Liberators arrived to aid the republic, the church became at a disadvantage. During one of the church's war meetings, Ahat proclaimed that she could turn the tide of the war by destroying the fog barrier around the Pale Forest that acted as a shield for the beastmen, then demonstrated a sample of her power to prove her claim. While the church and the federation (and later the Grandort Empire) mounted a final stand against the beastmen and Liberators, Ahat tunnelled underground in order to reach the core of "Uralt", the Grand Tree pf the forest, and destroy its core in order to cease it from maintaining the fog barrier. Eventually, the church and its allies were defeated and forced to retreat, but Ahat continued her mission until she reached her objective in a relatively short amount of time. When everyone in republic noticed how the Grand Tree began to wither, Queen Lyutillis Haltina of the Republic, along with Liberators Miledi Reisen, Naiz, and Meiru travelled to the core in order to restore it. Miledi and the others were prepared to battle the apostle, but she managed too easily repel their attacks, as well as nearly kill Miledi, with her new Skill "Disintegration". Naiz then managed to save Miledi before Ahat could kill her, and briefly confronted her while losing both of his arms. Despite his injuries, Naiz managed to teleport himself and Ahat away from the tree's core before she could do any more damage to it. Ahat was teleported to where the beastmen were fighting the church once again, and briefly confronted Oscar Orcus, Vandre Schnee, and Naiz (who's arms were sublimated by Vandre's slime monster familiar Batlam) before easily overpowering them. As Ahat was approaching her defeated opponents, she was confronted by the Liberators Marshal Diamond, Mikaela Eifield, and Badd Virtus in an effort to save their comrades. Before Ahat could kill them, she was suddenly stopped when Miledi arrived on the battlefield after she was healed by Meiru and launched a gravity magic-infused kick at her. Despite Miledi's efforts, Ahat appeared unscathed and was prepared to kill her (as per Ehit's orders) As they were about to fight, Miledi mistakingly referred Ahat as the Apostle Hearst due to not knowing the there was more than one apostle in existence (When Ahat attempted to clear up the misunderstand by saying her name, Miledi thought she merely changed her name). Miledi then battled Ahat alone while receiving magical support from her fellow Liberators. Despite putting up an incredible fight against Ahat, Miledi was at a disadvantage. The battle had reached a point when Miledi used up all the support magic and Artifacts that her comrades gave, and she still couldn't win. As Ahat was about to kill her, Miledi managed to awaken something from within herself and was able to entrap Ahat by using the ultimate gravity magic spell "Black Hole Nova" to tap into the power of the planet itself. Ahat attempted to break free, but she was ultimately crushed to death by Miledi.

Ahat, however, survived due to her memories being shared with rest of the Apostles and eventually obtained a new body for herself.

"Main Series" Timeline Edit

Ahat was present with the army of Apostles who went along with Freid Bagwa and Eri Nakamura to confront Hajime Nagumo and his group outside the exit of the Schnee Labyrinth in the Schnee Snow Fields, and waited there to invite Hajime & Co, to the Demon Empire Garland. While Hajime and Freid were arguing, she told Freid to not waste time, and warned Hajime to not try anything foolish, as they had analyzed his fight with Noint, and knew he is far more powerful than expected. Even after saying all that, Hajime noted that she was on the edge for some reason.

"After Story" Timeline Edit

It's unknown precisely what happened to Ahat afterwords, but it was confirmed that after Ehit was killed by Hajime, the collective memories of all the apostles survived the battle and amalgamated around Hearst due to her being the first one created. After traveling the the Fairy World and gaining the ability to speak through her spirit, Hearst revealed that she could split the other apostles' consciousnesses from her being and grant them their independence at any time.

Relationships Edit

  • Ehit - Ahat is absolutely loyal to Ehit and will carry out his orders without hesitation.
  • Noint - Noint was Ahat's fellow apostle and superior. Her fight with Hajime allowed Ahat to analyze Hajime
  • Freid Bagwa - Ahat was allied with Garland's commander after the death of Noint.
  • Hajime Nagumo - Ahat considered Hajime to be an enemy. After Hajime killed Noint, She acknowledge him as he is far more powerful than expected.

Weapons & Equipment Edit

  • Twin Greatswords - A pair of silver swords.
  • Silver Wings - A pair of wings that can fire a barrage of very strong feathers.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

  • True Apostle Physiology - Due to being created by Ehit to be his enforcer, Noint is imbued with abilities beyond those most living beings on Tortus, including the heroes that Ehit summoned from Earth to participate in his game. However, like most of her fellow apostles, her abilities holds inferiority to Noint or Kaori (while resided Noint's body).
    • Immense Strength - Ahat possesses inhuman physical strength beyond what most humans are capable off.
    • Immense Speed - Ahat can move so fast that she's seem invisible to the naked eye.
    • Immense Durability - Not being a living being, Hearst can take large amounts of damage without being impaired. The only way is to kill her is either a fatal wound to the head or heart.
    • Genius Intellect - Out of all of her fellow apostles, Ahat is intelligent of strengths and powers as such her analyzing of Hajime's strength to be far too powerful than expect.
  • Master Swordswoman - Ahat's swordsmanship is at superhuman levels.

Magical Abilities Edit

  • Unlimited Mana Reserves - Ahat's heart is a special mana crystal that gives her unlimited mana. It does not, however, provide unlimited stamina for her.

Skills Edit

  • Disintegration - A skill that can melt almost everything.
  • All Elemental Affinity - A skill to use all kinds of magic.
  • Spell Mending - A skill to fuse any types of magic.
  • Mana Manipulation - A skill to directly manipulate mana and use spells without the need of a magic circle or an incantation.
  • Limit Break - A skill to go over one's limits; amplifying their power by three times one's basic stats, but this power comes with a rebound - once used the user will be heavily fatigued. Using it for long periods of time will damage the user's body.

Quotes Edit

  • (After breaking Andika's seal) "Now, pitiful humans. Continue to fight against each other upon this crumbling world of yours. Show me the desperate struggle of man...[2]
  • (Her last words to Miledi Reisen before she kills her) "You damn monster...[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Ahat's name may be based on the word "Achte", which is German for "Eighth".

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