The Adventurer's Guild (冒険者ぼうけんしゃギルド, Bōkensha Girudo?) is an organization in Tortus which handles various works, from 'issue of quests' to 'sale and purchase of various materials', etc.

System[edit | edit source]

Registration fee is 1000 luta.

People with the Occupation "Adventurer" can register under the guild. Those who didn't have an Occupation before would automatically get "Adventurer" as an occupation on their status plate Artifact when they register, as well as a small colored mark beside it in order to show their rank.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Registering under the guild comes with multiple benefits, aside from ranking the adventurers depending on their capability.

  • 10% bonus to sales in the guild.
  • 10%-20% off in shops doing business with guild-affiliated shops.
  • Free carriage charters (given a high enough rank).

Ranks[edit | edit source]

The founder of the Adventurer's Guild established a ranking system in which the different ranks were equal to the different colors of their currency (under the belief that adventurers of lower rank were worth of only 1 luta). All those that registered immediately started with blue rank (the lowest rank). Those without a combat-oriented Job couldn’t rise above black rank.

Blue (lowest) → Red → Yellow → Purple → Green → White → Black → Silver → Gold (highest)

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